Saturday, 31 October 2009

31 Oct -- Happy Halloween

So I choose costumes that don't usually look like costumes. It seems easier to convince my hard-headed son to wear something that isn't out of his normal wardrobe. This year, we dressed them up as Charlie and Lola. That basically meant, Charlie wore a baseball ringer shirt with "Charlie" written on it, jeans and sneakers and Jane wore a funky and/or stripe-y dress with clips in her hair. This is what transpired during my photo shoot.

"Charlie, don't squeeze Janie's neck, please"

Someone pushed someone

Tackling ensued

A lot of giggling

"Let's try this one more stay over there, Jane."

"Could you stand up so I can get a picture of your outfits? No? Okay, good job, guys"


s.edgar said...

Don't you love when a plan comes together?? They are adorable no matter what they are up to! Happy Halloween!

s.edgar said...

Also, I finally set up an account to leave you notes here -and I had to tell you how much I love the posts on when you subconciously dress the kids like yourself - I find myself doing this too!

Alli's Keeper said...

Aww what cutie pies!

Amanda Evans said...

Love it!

Andrews Family said...

Cute Cute Cute!!!!