Saturday, 28 May 2011

27 May -- Happy Birthday Charlie!

Charlie turned 5 years old today!  We believe in opening your birthday presents with breakfast...a breakfast of cupcales.  Enjoy!

Such excitement for a bell, but Jane is less than enthusiastic.

Life is good...

...Life is better.
Charlie wanted a sword cake, so Anna delivered!

The happiest 5 year old on the block...granted our block is rather small.

(Charles) Arthur said throughout dinner and cake, "All hail the King!"

Yup, it was just that good.

Charlie contemplates a career as a sword swallower.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

14 May -- Pyrmont Castle, Germany

Today we went to a castle about an hour from home.  They have weddings and other events there and there was a wedding this morning.  Charlie and Jane thought they were watching a real princess as the bride waited for the ceremony inside the castle.  I told them what the kids called her and she thought it was pretty cute. 

Henry warmed up his lips for all the pics.

 Loaded up and ready to roll.

 If only you knew how many times we've driven around a detour to get to a spot just like this.

But it never stops us from try, try, trying again.

Dan saw nothing...

Sunblock lineup

Lunch in the car while we wait for the castle to open.

Jane's excited

Charlie saw these and said, "Is this where they die?"  We explained it was more like "Time Out Chains"

Jane shows no remorse for her crimes.

Ringing the front door bell

The scary curving steps.

Jane jumped for joy when we reached the top.

15 pics and this was as good as it got.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

8 May -- Mothers Day at Place de Jeux, Luxembourg!

We spent Mother's Day in Luxembourg at the park.


 Henry loved the water!

 Henry brought his own chair.

 99.99999% of our day trips are run around, eat, run around, eat ice cream...repeat.

 Happy Mother's Day!

This is what we returned home to.  We noticed an awful smell in the car about halfway home and when I went to get Henry out of the car, we realized that he'd pooped...and it'd leaked...and then he found it...Happy Mother's Day to everyone who has ever experienced or will ever experience this joy (and believe you me, you will have this experience if you haven't yet!) Even on this special day, Henry reminded me of the true essence of being a Mom.

7 May -- Eifel Park

It was another beautiful day so we went to Eifel Park.

 Everybody got some good exercise.

 Charlie prepares himself for a future at Penn State.

 Jane works for her fries.

 Too cute!

 I swear this ride does a bit more than just this...we shall get a better picture next time.

 This one is worth a closer look to see Jane's face.  Enjoy...

Charlie and I reenact a scene from "Lord of the Flies."

They hit a glitch...much steeper than they originally had planned on.