Wednesday, 21 October 2009

15 Oct -- Bath, Megan and Farleigh Hungerford!

After Stonehenge, we headed on to Bath. Bath is a beautiful city with tons of history. I couldn't wait to walk around the town. Also my good friend, Megan, drove up from Poole to see us for a few hours (Thanks, Meg!) with her son Oliver. Dan even took the kids to a park to play soccer and run around and I got to go tour Roman Baths all by myself (sooooooo relaxing without kiddos in tow). Then we headed back east towards Dover for our last leg of the trip.


Crossing the Pulteney Bridge

Megan, Oliver, Anna and Jane

The man behind Dan had this clever machine that let him play the violin in his hands and the guitar with his feet. Charlie loved it (and took this pic)

Charlie flirting with another free spirit daring enough to go barefoot on a cold day

Megan and Anna in front of Bath Abbey

Roman Baths

Looking down on the main Roman bath

Inside Bath Abbey, just gorgeous

Jane and Bath Abbey

Jane and Charlie get a geography lesson on the giant map

Running across the continents
After Bath and our visit with Megan, we stopped by Farleigh Hungerford on our way back to the east coast of England.

There's something irresistable to a father about flinging his child up into the air, as Mom stands by and holds her breath.

Arriving late at the hotel

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