Sunday, 31 October 2010

30 Oct -- Carving a Pumpkin

Jane brought home a pumpkin from school so we carved it together.

Charlie gets a bird's eye view.

 Jane did not care for this.

 We gave the pumpkin teeth like Henry!

 Anna told the kids it was the baby doll's birthday.  So we had cake...and a candle...

...and we sang,

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

27 Oct -- Henry's Checkup and Fortress Marienberg, Wurzburg, Germany

Today we had a checkup for Henry in Wurzburg.  The doctors said he is healing well and we won't have to wrap his head anymore!  Our next checkup is in February.  The appointment wasn't until noon so we spent the morning at Fortress Marienberg, which was really nice, expecially with the leaves changing.

Huge walls!

 Great leaves.

 Treacherous drops! (This one is for you, Pops!)

 We  had a great view of the city of Wurzburg.

 We found this homeless girl and we are going to take her in.

Oompa Loompas!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

26 Oct -- Seeing Red...or rather, Seeing Brown

More to follow, but let me just state, Poop is not a wall color I want on my walls.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

24 Oct -- A Day in the Backyard

A nice day lounging in the backyard.

Throwing with his left hand...

 ...but less than 1 minute later here he is throwing with his right hand.  Interesting.

Henry LOVES Shepherd's Pie.

24 Oct -- Henry's Head

It's been almost 8 weeks since Henry's surgery so we figured we would post some pics of his head now.  We had posted pics of Henry in June (25 Jun -- Henry's Noggin) from when we found out he would have surgery.

Sooooo serious.

You can kind of see the scar that runs up from his ear, but nothing crazy.

23 Oct -- Trier, Germany by Train

With the upcoming Christmas markets, we tried taking taking the train to Trier today.  But first...

Seriously, Jane, get that bacon off your eyes...after I take this picture.  BACON EYES!

 It was only a 30 minute train ride, but Charlie took a nap.