Friday, 28 March 2014

28 Mar -- Collier Elementary School Talent Show, Charlie Plays Piano

Before the talent show, we ran Henry.

 ...and ran him again at the playground.

 Henry was feeling it.

 It was a great show.

 Could he be any cuter?

Charlie playing Part 1.  This is a song he wrote.

Part 2.  This is a song he has learned at his lessons.

 Jane is always ready for an impromptu talent show.

Jane and Henry dance to "What Does the Fox Say".

Sunday, 23 March 2014

21 Mar -- Back to Tucson (Spring Break Day 8)

The car ride back to Tucson was uneventful other than the fact we did not stop except for a Dunkin Donuts drive thru in Tucson.

 Where did the beach go?  I just see dirt and it bringing me down!

 Where are the munchkins!

20 Mar -- Coronado Beach, California (Spring Break Day 7)

We spent another awesome day at the beach.

 All together now!

 Sand fort!

 Charlie wrote "Do not touch!"  I don't think the tide will oblige.

19 Mar -- Sea World, California (Spring Break Day 6)

We went to Sea World and Dan enjoyed riding on the big roller coaster with Charlie and Jane.

Our place for the past two nights.

 We (Dan, Charlie, Jane) got to go on this roller coaster, The Manta, 4 times in a row because there was no line.  It was awesome!

 Charlie is in red touching the dolphin's head.

 Jane always says, "I am from Korea"...

 ...and she proved it with this pose.

 I think those ones bite!

There is not enough sunscreen in this world.

 George can really work the camera!

 The Sesame Play Place was a lot of fun.

 Henry was able to go on the rides in this area.

 The skin-eating fish are a bit creepy.

Our view from the hotel.  Not too shabby!