Thursday, 28 May 2009

28 May -- Dan's Fini-Flight

Today was my fini-flight in Korea. I am leaving with exactly 1302 hours and some good skills in flexibility in airspace and weather that I will definately need in Germany (in case you didn't know that already).

Check out the latest and greatest door art on the flightline!

In case you didn't know, the Air Force tradition is that at your final flight at a base, you are greeted at the jet and sprayed down with water.

Jane wasn't afraid to get into the fight.

Just in case we can't see Jane's face, we will know this butt is hers.

Thankfully we are moving in June and not January.

Fini with "Photon" was a blast with awesome non-standard Korean weather (really nice) but standard in every other way.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

27 May -- Charlie's Birthday Morning and at the Fire Station

Today is Charlie's 3rd birthday and we started out with a bang. Charlie chose to have cake for breakfast and who are we to deny the birthday boy this pleasure?! Anna made a "Firetruck Cake" for this birthday that Charlie loved (and called the "pink truck". Who knew that red food coloring does not give you red frosting?)

After breakfast we got ready to go to the base's fire station to see the trucks and firemen. Charlie's friends Ava and Carter met us there and we had a great time climbing in and on the trucks and cupcakes in the kitchen afterwards. Thanks to the Osan Fire Station for a great birthday surprise!

Can we have cake every morning for breakfast?

Jane's newest trick

Jane thought Sparky was the biggest, best stuffed animal she'd ever seen!
The water show
My favorite picture of the day with Charlie's favorite friends!

Charlie didn't dig his fireman's hat nearly as much as Jane did

Monday, 25 May 2009

25 May -- Pics around the House and Drums

Just some pics from the weekend. Enjoy!

25 May -- Everland

We went to Everland today on Memorial Day and it was a blast. It was so warm that we ended up spending most of the time at the water fountains.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

20 May -- Farewell Pics

Today was a busy one--we had a move related meeting in the morning, our squadon commander's fini-flight in Korea, and a Hail and Farewell...where we were farewelled.

Jane: What do you mean we are almost out of cookies?

Anna tried to avoid the long standing tradition of the youngest pilot kissing the pilot's wife goodbye...but he was steadfast.

The Hail and Farewell was in one of the hangers.

I think this may be a proposal because Carter knows it doesn't get any better than Jane.