Saturday, 26 December 2015

Sunday, 6 December 2015

6 Dec - Happy Thanksgiving, Wild Adventures and the Children's Squadron Christmas Party

We started our Thanksgiving Day with a trip to the park.  We met up with a few friends there and enjoyed a park basically all to ourselves!

 Then the kids and Anna headed to the movie theater for the Opening Day of The Good Dinosaur.  They loved it, but George did have Anna cover his eyes for some of the more intense scenes.  

Let's feast!  Anna let the kids plan the menu.  Let's just say it was unconventional. 

From left to right, Chicken Nuggets and Fries, Stuffing, Sausage Ravioli, Scalloped Potatoes, and microwaved Turkey.

In the oven was our pizza course.

 Flat Dan, where are you?!

For dessert, we served Donuts, Ice Cream, Pumpkin Pie and Root Beer Floats

The next morning we headed to Wild Adventures to use our season pass one last time.  My camera battery died shortly after we got there and I'd left my phone in the car so we didn't get pictures of their visit with Santa here.  Jane saw him and told me she needed to talk to him.

Ferris Wheel Fun

 Anna got to get dressed up for a joint Squadron Christmas Party.  So fun!

This was so reminiscent of Charlie at this age. 

Saturday, we headed to the hangar to party it up at the Children's Christmas Party.
Let's Get This Party Started!!!

 We arrived early to help with set up and even before people started arriving, Henry was looking exhausted.  They'd stayed up late the night before at a Parent's Night Out.

It's tough being 5 and full of energy 24/7

 Stocking up on Reindeer Food!

 A little icing for the cookie...

 and a little icing for George

This was George's photo session apparently.

He just kept going and going with his poses!


George turned to me and said "He said, "Merry Christmas to me!"

I told George to go sit with one of his brothers or sister and I saw he ran to our friend's daughter and immediately snuggled in with her.  Smart boy!

No fear here!  He asked for cars for Christmas

 That's him holding his "cheese"

Charlie asked for an Anki Overdrive (slot car set)

Jane asked for a unicorn Fur Real animal

Henry also asked for the Anki Overdrive (although, his brother may have put him up to pushing for it twice in our family)

 Doesn't everyone like to hide in a box naked?

 Miracle on 34th Street Time