Saturday, 31 August 2013

31 Aug -- Marshall Gulch on Mt Lemmon

To escape the heat of Tucson we went up Mt Lemmon and hiked along the Marshall Gulch trail again.  The cool temps and scenery are well worth the drive!

 The Moores joined us!
 As per usual, Jane just had to carry something.

We stopped for a snack after 30 minutes.
 Back to the creek by the parking lot.  This is where we spent the next couple hours.

 The kids decided the previous dam was not suitable.

Ahhhh...the inevitable descent back into the desert!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

25 Aug -- Henry and George Get Baptized

Today Henry and George were baptized at the Tanque Verde Lutheran Church.  The kids all behaved very well...and afterwards we went to Zinburger for lunch and to Eegee's for slushy!

 Charlie cannot contain himself.

 Henry was determined to blow out the candle!

 Henry and George both got a blanket with their names on them and a nice bag.

 Henry gets very focused while coloring.

Monday, 12 August 2013

12 Aug -- George the Pilot

Best baby outfit ever!

11 Aug -- Happy Birthday to Dan

On Sunday I turned #^ years old.  Here are some pics from cake time.

"That does not look like the correct amount of candles," thought George.

 Standard Janey crazy face.

 So we all joined Jane!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

1 Aug -- First Day of School!

Ahhh, it was so quiet today at home with Charlie and Jane at their first day of school.  We've had a blast this summer and stayed active, but it was definitely the perfect time to head back to school.  They're both very excited about school this year.  Charlie chose to ride the bus the first day and Jane chose to ride with us.  They had a pep rally to start off the day and get everyone in the spirit.  I think Henry's a little lost these days without Charlie and Jane to play with.  His preschool starts in two weeks, though, so he won't be lonely for long!

 The walk to the bus stop

 Long time, no see, Charlie!

 Jane got lucky and her friend, Ava, is in her class this year

 Charlie caught up with his buddies

The big line up for the start of school!  And there were zero tears this year (from kids or parents :) )

30 Jul -- Swim Lessons

We signed the kids up for another session of swim lessons because they've been doing so well!  Charlie and Jane are in a class together and Henry is in another class at the same time.  It's worked out great and I can't say enough good things about the swim school. 

 Jane working on her big arms

You can see Henry in the back along the wall with his class, next to the girl in pink, just above the slide.