Sunday, 15 March 2015

14 Mar -- Jane's Artwork

There was an art exhibit that had artwork from kids from the local schools.  Jane's painting was chosen, so we had to check it out!


 Jane was freaked out by the skulls.

 All the art from Sallas Mahone Elementary, Jane's school.

7 Mar -- George's Birthday

George is two!

 Before cupcakes...we must practice mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.  


7 Mar -- Backyard Fun

A lovely Spring day.

 George's new tractor.

 I move the monkey bars to the other side of the playground in order to lower it almost one foot...much better now.

 Jane is in there somewhere.


 We don't wear shirts to cut down on the wash.

Henry gets a quick lesson on the drums.

 Now it's Jane turn on the drums.

 Charlie claimed he liked red peppers better than orange peppers...let the taste test begin!

Result -- he couldn't tell the difference.