Monday, 24 February 2014

23 Feb -- Unidad Park, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Our final stop on the way back to Tucson was Unidad Park in Las Cruces.  We stopped there to eat lunch and let the kids run around.

 I (Dan) would be a fool to arm wrestle this baby-touting hot-momma!

 I took the physical challenge...

 Henry can give some aggressive hugs.

So we thought we would have the kids watch The Goonies on the drive home.  Then Anna and I started remembering the various scenes we might have to fast forward thru.  Then I turned around and saw their faces!  "Who wants to watch Full House again?"

23 Feb -- White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

We then continued our drive home and stopped at White Sands National Monument near Alamogordo, New Mexico.  It was (surprisingly) awesome!

 White Sands is huge -- 275 square miles!  

 The kids thought this was snow.

 It was a lot of work to the get to the top.

 Charlie said it was like "going up a down escalator."

 Goggles were key.

 It took a few runs to make a good path...

...the video is a bit slow at first, but the ending is AMAZING!

Sledding a got a bit better, and then...

...Henry went down!


 Brown-eyed people...not afraid of the sun!

 Oh Henry!

 That's a lot of sand...if only there were an ocean nearby!

 It is SO nice traveling in the off-season.

 Well done!


23 Feb -- St. Joseph Apache Mission Church, Mescalero, New Mexico

On our drive back to Tucson, we stopped at the St. Joseph Apache Mission Church in Mescalero, New Mexico.

 Classic cartoon posted inside the church.

22 Feb -- Ruidoso River Trail, Kids Konnection, and Glow Sticks! Ruidoso, New Mexico

We then walked along the Ruidoso River Trail at Two Rivers Park.

 All four kids...swinging at once!


 We then went to Lookout Point and enjoyed the view.

 Finally, a quick stop at the Kids Konnection playground...

...and some dinner!

 We ended out final night with a light stick party.

George was truly entranced.