Sunday, 23 March 2008

23 Mar -- Weekly Update and Easter

Everything's going well here. Here are some updates from the last week or so including Easter. We went to the Officer's Club Easter Brunch and met up with friends. We had a good time this morning giving Charlie his Easter basket. We are moving into base housing this Friday. It will be nice to have a few weeks to get settled before Baby Edgar #2 arrives. It's a three bedroom apartment in the new base towers that are opening up and we are really excited about the move. We'll post pics of the place when we get settled.

Pregnant dancing at the Officer's Club on a Friday night

Charlie making some important phone calls on his cellie

Charlie and Dan have similar loungewear (minus the diaper for Dan) Charlie likes to remove just one sock during the day. Dan thinks it gives him better grip on our hardwood floors while maintaining some body warmth.

35 1/2 Weeks down, 4 1/2 to go

Charlie likes to hang out on the couch with his feet crossed just so.

Charlie enjoying his chicken and vegetables from the local Chinese restaurant (He insists on eating it like the Chinese do)

Charlie got stickers and chocolate from the Easter Bunny this year

Charlie trying out his chocolate bunny

Pre-Chocolate Face

Charlie, Dan and Dan's hideous mustache

Dan swipes a bite of the bunny

The introduction of chocolate into Charlie's diet may have been our downfall. He'll never eat his vegetables again...

Monday, 10 March 2008

10 Mar -- Hiking and Playground Fun

We've been having warmer weather lately and trying to get outdoors a little more. Springtime brings something called "Yellow Sand" storms to Korea. It's this yellow "pollen-like" haze that is comprised of dust and metal particles that are blown over from the China desert. We have to check the levels each day, but so far we haven't had too many hazardous days, so we found a park near our apartment and headed there this past weekend. They had soccer fields and tennis courts and this playground. Charlie enjoyed himself and it was hard to lure him home (although the promise of lunch and milk did work fairly well)

Daddy and Charlie go hiking behind our apartment complex

Charlie looks forlornly over the baby gate

Charlie and Daddy running some drills

Daddy offering some soccer pointers

Charlie doesn't take Daddy's critiques very well


Daddy and Charlie on See-Saw. Although Charlie didn't see as much as he sawed due to a slight weight difference

Concentrating on crossing the scary wobbly bridge!

Charlie practices scales on our new keyboard