Saturday, 20 September 2008

21 Sep -- To Hawaii and Back

Sorry for the huge posting--we have a TON of photos here!
We spent the first week on Hickam during the planning conference. Then we spent 3 nights at the Hale Koa on Waikiki--an armed forces hotel on the beach. Then we spent 4 nights at Bellows Air Force Station--a cabin on the eastern shore.
The trip was amazing. Everyday the temperature was 85F with no humidity. The beaches were so nice and I got to body surf and make a bunch of solid forts.
Portable DVD players: priceless.

Charlie loves swings.

Charlie loved the train ride at the Dole Plantation.

Just because you are at the beach doesn't mean you blow off nap time.

David Hasselhoff: you better look for a new job.

Ready to leap to the rescue if necessary.

If some needs me, I will be ready.

We were at a beach on the North Shore when they closed it for a tiger shark spotting in one of the waves. Anna validates the spotting.

Shaved ice never tasted so good.

And I'm spent.

Charlie thought everything was either a Nemo or a Dory.


Impromptu "From Here to Eternity" re-enactment.

Work it, work it...

At the USS Arizona.

Charlie's super-fans found him.

What a view!

Anna braved the 271 steps, 2 tunnels and 1.5 hour hike while nursing nonetheless. What a woman!

The beach umbrella is the best invention ever.

Charlie loved the playground at Bellows.

We saw sea turtles swimming with us at the pier in the background. They were about 3 feet in length and would swim right by us.

I drew a "road" in the sand and it turned into a great workout.

I should have done hurdles in high school.

Nothing like starting soccer on the beach with him at 2 years old: Coach Shepard would he so proud.

Jane gets her toes wet.

Charlie had to sweep in order to "earn" his food.

This is the view from our kitchen.

The sunrises were amazing.

Our cabin at Bellows Air Force Station had two bedrooms, 1 bath, a kitchen and tv room and was super close to the beach.

Charlie working for his lunch.

The sun shade we bought in Waikiki was the best purchase of the trip.

Anna taught Charlie everything she knows about golf right here in this photo.

It was nice because we were the only people on the course.

This was just after takeoff--they were like this for the 9.5 hour flight and 1.5 hour bus ride home: sweet angels.

Due to the rising costs of gas, Jane had a "special seat."