Saturday, 16 November 2013

15 Nov -- FC Tucson Game

I took charlie to an FC Tucson vs Chivas USA soccer match.  2,414 fans attended the inaugural match at North Stadium at Kino Sports Complex. 

A lovely sunset in Tucson.
Our seats were in the top right corner of the stands in the background.  We were walking around during halftime to take it all in.

Charlie finds a clapper.

We had a great view of the game.

GOAL in the 89th minute and FC Tucson goes up 1-0...

...and the place goes wild!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

10 Nov -- Henry Rides Again!

Henry got back on his bike with pedals after an eleven-month hiatus.  He did really well!  He has grown just enough so he can touch the ground on his tippy-toes.

 He need just a boost to start...

...but after that he was rolling!

Just a minor setback.

Go Henry Go!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

31 Oct -- The big finale of Halloween!

Dan took the kids around and I passed out candy as George was quite ready for bed by 6PM.  Dan even set up the fog machine by our front door to add to the spookiness (although I was informed by our kids that our house was not nearly spooky enough.  This led to some serious post-Halloween clearance shopping.  We'll be ready Halloween 2014!).

 For her dance class and school Jane had chosen to dress as a cat.  But for the evening she changed her mind back to princess.  Because she still had the cat makeup on we decided to blend the two costumes and I pinned her tail to her dress and she became the cat-princess.

 George wasn't even in the spirit to dress up.

 Our neighbor Mrs. Aurora had the best decorations of the neighborhood and the kids started their evening there.  

 Dan put his old scrubs to good use and became an OB. 

The kids brought home a ton of candy, which Dan and I responsibly sifted through to ensure there were no razor blades or poisoned apples.  Of course there was a candy tax on this job.

26 October - A Twofer! Collier Elementary Monster Mash/Tanque Verde Lutheran Church Trunk or Treat

 Jane decided to be a fairy princess this time, but her wings were holding her back from the full Jumping Castle experience so they had to go!

That's the face of a happy knight!

 Charlie tried out the velcro wall.  It took a few tries, but eventually he was able to "stick"

 Apparently there's a sweet spot where the velcro hadn't been worn down that you are supposed to aim for.

 Nothing better than a good ol' fashion tractor train ride

 Charlie put on a happy face, but was pretty bummed that he didn't get to ride in the front.  What a good big brother, though!

 Just as we were getting ready to leave, Jane decided to get the most elaborate (and beautiful!) face painting ever.  The woman did a great job, but the boys were getting impatient.

 She even got bling added to the finished product!

 We managed to talk Charlie into a much more time friendly option

 Trunk or Treat at our church.  Best idea ever!

Adding to our ever growing stash of candy

25 Oct -- Halloween Festivities, Squadron Party

Our squadron, the school, our church and our neighborhood all had various Halloween celebrations that we took part in this year.  That meant a good investment in the kids' costumes as well as our combined family's body weight in candy! 

 For those who have a better memory than myself, Jane and Henry wore these same costumes last year.  We are all about recycling costumes!

 Office trick or treating

 George sampling the goodies with Pipper

Jane felt it was a good first candy run of the season!