Friday, 11 October 2013

10 Oct -- Leave Utah :( (Utah Day 7)

Surprise surprise it snowed on our final day in Utah!

 It really snowed!  Luckily we were just driving home and didn't have any hikes planned.

 The kids were pretty excited to see all the snow.

 Fortunately the snow was not sticking to the roads.

9 Oct -- Elkhart Canyon Part II, Utah (Utah Day 6)

We were sad to see Dan's parents leave!  It was great to see them and share one of our explorations with them!

 We went to Elkhart Canyon...

 ...for a second time to find a safe entry!

 Rope time!

 Anna got in on the action, too!

 This rock looks a bit steep upon further review.


 Jane went to hide from Anna as we walked thru the canyon...and in a split second I looked up and Jane had dashed to the top of this huge rock.  Jane said, "I stick to rocks."

 Jane getting some air.

 The kids loved doing this.

 This pic is a true keeper.

 George loves adventure!

In a couple towns we saw these old Sheriff vehicles parked along the same spot every day.  We looked close on a pass and saw that there is only a mannequin inside!