Wednesday, 31 August 2011

31 Aug -- The Post Dan Didn't Want You To See :)

So I realized after the past weekend's posts that Dan casually let a few critical photos sneak out of the post. Here they are for your viewing pleasure :)

The girl made this trip up and down the hill on her roller skis several times.  Dan wasn't sure where to look, towards the cars or towards the girl!  As you can see in the second picture, Henry was intrigued by the girl as well.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

28 Aug -- Manderscheid Medieval Festival, Germany

After Nurburg, we went to Manderscheid Castle for their medieval festival.  It was a great time and we ran into some friends there.  We went to the festival two years ago and are glad we went again.

 They had a station where you they had a small fire and they gave you bread dough on the end of a stick to cook.

It was pretty cool.

 There were minstrels EVERYWHERE!

 The cameras have turned!

 After reaching the top, Jane utters, "I have to go potty..."  This was Anna's response.

Charlie and I made it to the top.  There was a jousting tournament going on below.

 Charlie's buddy Dylan.


 When you are fresh out of horses, your dad will do.

Minstrels and their stalkers.  What does that make me?

 Lots and lots of cars.


28 Aug -- Nürburgring and Castle, Germany

This morning we drove to Nürburg to see the castle and race track (Nurburgring Race Track).

We got there at 10:30 and decided to have an early lunch.  Unfortunately, a bunch of bees had the same plan so we... 

 ...retreated to the van!

 Unleash the Henry!

It was dark inside the castle, but fortunately Charlie brought his camping light...

...and was happy to lead the way.

The view from the top was great.  The grandstands for the race track are in the background.

We have a few self portraits like this one with us all scrunched together and with Henry looking off at an airplane or something.

 Nice eye, Henry.

Hey ladies! 

Anna with her accessory.

Beautiful day!

 After the castle we drove down the hill to the race track.  Henry wanted in on the action.

 Jane was psyched!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

27 Aug -- A Camping We Will Go

Due to poor weather conditions, we set up camp in the dry playroom.  There was even room for a lounge area in the tent.

The stars were out in full force and the kids are ready to do some serious camping.  Hopefully they'll remember that there is a bathroom close by and they do not need to completely follow camp rules.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

24 Aug -- 1 Year Since Henry's Head Hacking

It has been one year since Henry's head surgery so we celebrated.  (Click here to see the post from last summer.)  I had to post this quickly before Anna could change the title.  This cake shall forever be evidence that I am not the only crazy person in the house...nice cake, Anna!

Oh yeah...Anna went for realism. 

The marshmallows are supposed to be the head bandage he wore for 2 months after the surgery.

A scar/scab never tasted so sweet! 

Henry cannot get over the likeness. 

Yes, Anna made it to scale.

Cutting the cake was very odd.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

21 Aug -- Tractor Parade, Dudeldorf, Germany

I went out back to call my parents and heard a ton of tractors going by, which can only mean one thing: Tractor Parade!

There was no shortage of tractors in Dudeldorf today! 

Jane hams it up. 

 Charlie and Jane enjoy a delicious Fanta.

Gotta love the shade.