Saturday, 31 October 2015

30 Oct -- Grand Bay Fire Tower, Bowling, Raisin' Cane, A-Maze-N Cane, Oma's Birthday, and Trunk or Treat

For the kids' fall break we headed out to Grand Bay while George was at school.  No alligator sightings this time, unfortunately.

Charlie marveling at the size of the spiders and the webs over our heads

Then we hit up the bowling alley for some stellar bowling

We were evenly matched for the most part.  Jane ended up winning.

More Raisin' Cane field trip pics

Henry was so proud to carry the flag for his class on the trip through the corn maze!

Giant corn pit

Racing rubber ducks down the PVC pipes

I came in one night and found Charlie holding his Daddy doll.  He's so cute!

Charlie and Jane sang in church two weeks ago.  They did great!

Charlie even got to play drums for his singing part.

George loves that the practices and games are held on the back half of the baseball diamonds.  Makes for some awesome red dirt creations...and red tinted baths afterwards.

Oma made it to the kids games.  

I'm sure Jane just kicked an amazing shot at this moment and wasn't getting ready to do a cartwheel during a game.  

Man, he can sprint to a ball

See above caption

We met up with friends at the sugar cane maze nearby.  They had the maze and animals and best of all, zip lines!

Checking out the rabbits

We made it to the maze's center!

Detours may have occurred

Winston appreciates Henry guiding him back to the path 

Our kids rock a zipline like not many other kids can

You can just feel the joy oozing from his sweaty little pores

George was quite the little farmer with his cup of food for the birds

There was no fear from us that our children would fall into the fiery pit during an innocent little marshmallow roasting session.

The boy takes his job seriously

Henry and George worked the little obstacle course together

George had to have a little help from Henry to get out of the corn pit

Yes, I put my 2 year old on the zip line...and let go....

I wasn't the only one!

Happy Birthday, Oma!

More trunk or treat pics from church