Sunday, 22 February 2015

21 Feb -- Grassy Pond Hike

On Saturday, we went for a 3.1-mile hike at Grassy Pond.  Grassy Pond is a military recreation area that is now open to the public as well.  It has a nice lake with a cool trail, a couple playgrounds, cabins, and a dock with boats/canoes for rent.  It is about 30 minutes from our house.

 Jane is concerned about the amount of purple she chose to wear.

 Henry sharing his water with George.  Next time, we will bring George's Camelbak.

 Bring on the Spanish moss fun.

 There was a perfect climbing tree for the kids to play in.

 Charlie climbed across this large branch to the other end.

 One mile in -- time for lunch!

 Charlie trying a sour candy.

 Henry tried the monkey bars all by himself and made it across a bunch of times.  We never helped!  This is the first time he has done it on his own.

14 Feb -- Henry's Birthday (minus 2 days)

We celebrated Henry's birthday a couple days early since Dan would be out of town for the actual date.

 In the morning, we went to the kids' school, Sallas Mahone Elementary, and participated in the 1-mile fun run called "Don't Run with Scissors."  It helps raise money for the school's art program.

 Henry wanted cupcakes for his birthday, so Anna happily obliged.

 Quick -- to the backyard to test out the remote control car.  Early that day, as we played with a neighbor's remote control car, "Man, I always ask for a remote control car but have never got one!"  Perfect timing!

 Jane's turn.

 Now Dad's turn.