Sunday, 26 November 2017

25 Nov -- Goodbye Ft Myers Beach!

Goodbye Ft Myers Beach!

 We were happy to get back home to start decorating for Christmas!

24 Nov -- The Beach, Ft Myers Beach Day 7

We spent our last full day at the beach.

 Rosie joined us at the beach.

 Time to walk Rosie.

 It was cool going out to the sand bar.

 Tunnel time.

Too many cute pics of George to only post one!


23 Nov -- Happy Thanksgiving! Ft Myers Beach Day 6

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since we were at a rental, we ordered a pre-cooked meal from Cracker Barrel and it was AWESOME!

While watching the parade and the dog show, we worked on the table's centerpiece.

Anna approves! 

 Carving couldn't be any easier!

After our Thanksgiving lunch, we went to see the movie "Wonder."  It was soooooooo good!

22 Nov -- Imaginarium, Ft Myers Beach Day 5

 The virtual reality was pretty cool!

 With some encouragement even George tried it.

 Time to pet a young gator.

Icee time!

After stopping to pick up our Thanksgiving meal at Cracker Barrel, we went to the beach for a bit.

Rosie makes herself at home.