Wednesday, 30 June 2010

30 Jun -- Jump, Henry, Jump!

Thank goodness he loves this thing. Charlie loved it and could get some serious "jumps" in. We brought with us to Korea and we hardly used it with Jane because she screamed when I even attempted to put her in it. Hauling this big ol' thing around from move to move is paying off now! He laughs and jumps and the big kids "help him jump" (scary for Mama, but he seems to like it)

Monday, 28 June 2010

28 Jun -- Breaking the coffee habit

So I figured out how to break my pot of coffee a day habit.  I prepped my morning iced coffee as per usual, skim milk and splenda.  Then I headed upstairs to dust.  It's been getting warmer and along with the increase of flying insects and spiders, it's been getting dustier in our house. I grabbed my cup and took a sip and felt something crunch.  Now, if this was Dan's iced coffee, I'd have assumed it was the grainular white sugar that he pours in by the cupful.  But Splenda is not crunchy and my ice cubes are not that small.  I spit my mouth's contents into the dustrag and saw the black fly that had made it's way into my drink.  Blast these German windows and their lack of screens!!!

Needless to say, I have no desire to drink any more coffee today.  I'll get my caffeine kick in a different form.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

27 Jun -- Who knew I was still working as a nurse?

Puke, poop, pee and spit-up were high on the list of things my children decided to share with me this weekend.  We attended a birthday party yesterday and I briefly overheard some moms discussing a "bug" that seemed to be going around.  Since my kiddos are younger than most of their children, I didn't pay too much attention.  That is until midnight last night.

I was woken up with the sound of Charlie crying for me.  As I headed grumpily up the stairs I realized that he had gone to the bathroom and he stated, "my tummy hurts" just before placing his hand on his mouth.  I whisked him to the bathroom where he proceeded to toss his cookies (and few other food items from the course of the day).  After finally saying he felt a little better I brought him back to his bed, gave him a warm rice bear for his tummy and some ginger ale and he went back to bed. 

I laid awake just waiting for Jane's turn, but was saved from having to deal with 2 vomiting children.  Charlie did wake a few more times with more trips to the bathroom involved, but Jane appeared to sleep through it all.  About the time it got quiet upstairs, Henry decided to having a coughing fit and spit up all over my own bedsheets and then wanted to stay awake and visit.  Charlie and Jane both spiked temps today and Henry's mild cold has turned into a nasty sounding cough that I'm just praying stays out of his lungs and ears.  I did break out my stethoscope, which was dusty from lack of use and took a listen.  So far, so good.

Needless to say, it's been a long, exhausting day and I'm ready for bed.  Fingers crossed for a more peaceful, quiet night tonight. 

You can almost see the fever in their faces as they stared glassy-eyed at the movie I stuck in while I tried to work my way through 4 loads of bedding laundry. 

The dress was mine (duh) when I was little.  I love it!

Jane, look a me...Jane, here!...Jane, *sigh*, *click*

Charlie, look at me...Charlie, yoo hoo!...


Friday, 25 June 2010

25 June -- Henry's Noggin

A few months ago at Henry's 2 month check-up, the pediatrician felt a ridge along the top of Henry's head that she felt needed a closer look.  We were sent to the German hospital that Henry was born at for a head ultrasound.  The doctor there said that the sutures were closing, but that they hadn't fused yet and we would just monitor them at his 4 month check-up.  Well, the monitoring at the 4 month check-up showed a further concern for early fusing and we were sent to a neurosurgeon for an evaluation.  So this morning, I dragged Charlie and Jane at the crack of dawn to a very very nice friend's house and then Henry and I set off on a 3 1/2 hour drive to Wurzburg for the evaluation.  We were left with the choice for surgery to correct the fused suture or to opt out of the surgery and just continue to monitor Henry's head and watch for any symptoms that may indicate that it is affecting his development.  We're still undecided and will be trying to make the best decision for Henry.  Further updates to come.
Sagittal Craniosynostosis - Sagittal synostosis, the most common type of craniosynostosis, affects three to five infants in every 1,000 live births and is more common in males. Premature closure of this suture leads to a condition called scaphocephaly. Because the skull cannot expand sideways, it is forced to grow forward and backward. This may cause the baby to have a protruding forehead, narrowed temples and an elongated head.
Seriously, with cheeks like these, who even looks at the shape of his head?!

The doctor pointed out that the average head's highest point is closer to the back, but in Henry's head, his front is higher.

The length from front to back is also typical

He likes his tummy, so his bald spot isn't nearly as bad as Charlie and Jane's were.  Maybe he won't end up with the dreaded baby mullet!

Charlie and Jane will love Henry no matter what his head long as that unconditional love is returned despite the goggles (or "gobbles" as Charlie calls them)

Monday, 21 June 2010

21 Jun -- A New Haircut for Jane

I did it.  I cut her hair.  I thought I'd feel a small bit of regret, but all I felt was relief.  My adorable daughter is still adorable.  She just has more manageable hair now!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Saturday, 19 June 2010

19 Jun -- Someone else's deep thoughts

I don't normally send people off to other people's blogs, but I just found this too hilarious (and accurate) not to share.  Suburban Snapshots is a blog I've never been to before seeing this entry, but I laughed outloud as I read this post.  Enjoy!

Why Having A Toddler is Like Being at a Frat Party

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

16 Jun -- Mazda5, not just for small families :)

I love my van!  And I love having Mr. Briggs over for a visit and being able to show off that my van can hold much more than you'd think (not to mention getting to see his sweet litte face!).  That's all.  You can return to your regularly scheduled programs now :)

Monday, 14 June 2010

14 June -- Happy Anniversary (Oh, and Flag Day)!

7 years ago I married this man. And he has made my life so much more fun, full of laughter and love. I'm so thankful to have met and married Dan.  From his creative photo ideas, to watching him play with the kids, to dancing in the kitchen with just each other, then one, then two, then three children in our arms, my life is fuller and more meaningful with our family.  Thanks for the fantastic adventure that is our life, Dan.  I love you!

Happy Anniversary, Dan!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

13 June - Sunday Picnic, Again

So this may have to become a regular part of our routine. Another gorgeous Sunday at a park less than 3 minutes from our house. Good times!

Jane finds her hideaway bed quite cozy

Climbing the mounds

Jane seeks a spotter

Boy in action

Sweet Face

Even Henry enjoyed the fresh air

There's a lot of balancing practice going on at this playground

Jane likes the nest swing, but requests that I don't regurgitate her lunch.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

12 June -- Playground

So I've decided restaurants are out for us for a while. At least until the kids can sit without having to jump up and down fom their seats like they have ants in their pants.  I just can't relax while they're running around the place.

We went to a really cool roadside restaurant with friends that had a great playground. Just not quite "Jane" friendly (at least not unsupervised), so it made for difficult times entertaining her while we waited for our food. Still it was good food, good company and the kids were actually very good (just very antsy).

The awesome playground!

Jane climbs the ramp

Charlie requested this picture be taken (he's not a huge risk taker, so this is a big deal!)

What Charlie felt was important to document...
The truck he got for getting four shots this week at the doctor's office

Sunday, 6 June 2010

6 Jun -- Sunday Picnic

It was a gorgeous morning so we rode our bike down to the new playground at the elementary school here and had ourselves a little picnic.

Jane takes her Capri Sonne seriously

Charlie attacked his sandwich

Henry lounged on the blanket.

Part of the new playground, sand houses!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

5 Jun -- Saturday Morning Cruisin'


Jane's at the wheel, Scary!

Taking one of many many breaks hiking to the top of the hill

This is my game face

He's got his father's muscles

Charlie's being attack by a bear that went for a swim in a paint bucket!

Friday, 4 June 2010

4 Jun - A Day in the Life

So I have an online group of friends who've all got kids the same age as Jane.  They're fantastic and we do a daily "Day in the Life".  Not just special days, but the run of the mill regular days, too.  I had mine today and I thought it'd be fun to share it here, too.

It was a good day.  Too much time in the car, but the kids were great. 

Funny story from today -
I had to drive home to get some paperwork I forgot and when I came into the house there was a bird flying around my living room. I tried to open the windows quickly, but poor thing ran smack into it and fell. It was still breathing, so I scooped it up in a tupperware and placed it outside in the shade. I was so sure when I got home that it would still be in there, dead. But it was gone!  It just needed a few minutes to gather its thoughts, I guess. 

They greet me at the top of the stairs every morning

Bananas, we love 'em!

We're whiney today and needs some "ups"

Henry my bed, *sigh*

  Waffles for everyone!

French Vanilla Half Decaf Iced Coffee, for Mama!

Potty Time

Second Breakfast for Jane apparently

Gym time for Henry

Jane disappears mysteriously and I find her in her bed, wet and poopy

A tractor arrives in our yard! The landlords have come to take out our pond in the backyard

Headed to the post office to mail Daddy a letter 

Photo By Charlie

Photo By Charlie, Jane up close and personal 

Burger King for being so good on our errands

Definitely a hit!

Where's the pond?!

Charlie's 30 minutes of computer time

Jane wandering in our dirt, "The pond's all gone!"


Chubby Cheeks

  Poor kids, draggin' them around

Too much driving today!

So they earned a trip to the Italian Eis (ice) shop

Just finished skyping with Dan

Ridin' in style

Photo By Charlie

"I'm stuck!"

No TV tonight tantrum

Leftover hotdogs for dinner. Jane ate 3 yesterday so we didn't have any extra tonight 

I started a bath for the big kids, ran up Henry's bath and went downstairs to get Henry. I walked up the stairs to see this. I had to get the camera for this.

Sassy girl

Henry loves bathtime

Jane loves it, too. Charlie, not so much.

He always gets chatty and "kicky" when he's cleaned up.

Picking a bedtime book

Night night

Ahhhh, my time. Young Victoria in the DVD player, Olive Oil and Pepper Triscuits and Cheddar Cheese with some German beer.

Hope you enjoyed!