Saturday, 18 August 2012

2 Aug -- Charlie and Jane's First Day of School, Tucson AZ

Charlie and Jane went back to school on August 2nd!  EARLY!  Charlie is going to first grade and Jane is going to pre-K at the same school.

 Henry wanted his picture taken, too.

 Jane just ran off and started playing.  We had to call to her to get her to say goodbye.  For pre-K, the kids go straight to the classroom.

First graders lined up outside.  They staged a mini-pep rally with music and cheers.  It was somewhat loud and maybe a bit to much for Charlie at first.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

29 Jun - 27 Jul -- Pennsylvania Visit

After a great visit in NH, we spent one night at Josh's house--Dan's roommate from Penn State.  We then continued to Anna's parent's house in PA.


It was super hot outside but the water...

...and popsicles helped, despite Jane's crazy face.

 We went to the pond in Boiling Springs to feed the birds.

Are you looking at me swan?

 Obligatory duck duck goose.

On the 4th of July, we decked out the kid's bikes and joined the neighborhood ride around the block.


Henry and Joepa working out at the Army Heritage Museum.

15-28 Jun -- New Hampshire Visit

Sooo...we left Germany on June 14th--our 9th wedding anniversary.  We spent our first two weeks back in the States in New Hampshire.

Nice day for a fini flight at Spangdahlem.

Please don't share this one with billeting.

Jane chillin on Uncle Luke's ride.

At the Old North Church on our day trip to Boston.  Henry is blown away by the 237 year "old" history of America. 

You really never know which face Jane will use with any given photo, but you know it will be good.

Boston Public Gardens.  I swear we hadn't seen the "Don't Feed the Ducks" sign yet.

Later on a trip to Odiorne State Park in New Hampshire, we played with the crabs in the tidal pools.

A couple of the crazy Aunts from Connecticut came up for a visit.

The highlight of the New Hampshire trip (other than the Dunkin Donuts) was the 3 nights spent at a house on the coast of Maine.  Every family had their own part of the house and it was fantastic.  

Above, Luke introduced us to "Ninja."

 Needless to say, we take our games pretty seriously.

While in Maine, we went on some nice walks.

Henry is simply amazed by the grasshopper.

Charlie found an inch worm.

Feeding time.

All together now.

Spoons!  No blood shed on this match.

More games.

At the Maine Aquarium - "Hey lady, lets get crackin'!"

Charlie: "Please...pretty please...can I get a sea scallop for Christmas!"
 Henry's deep thought: "Can I eat the shell?"
The young man asked for three volunteers.  After selecting three others, Henry crashed the party.

 We went out in row boats or kayaks across from the house in Maine.

One of Jane's favorite activities: Kissing butterflies.  Her other favorite activity, chasing ladybugs.

Henry is one intense little man.

 Quite the place.

We met up with the Silvermans at Marston School so the kids could be free-range.