Monday, 16 June 2014

31 May -- More Carlisle Fun

Another beautiful day in Carlisle.
 Henry was born with muscles...
 ...and a nice set of ribs.
 Anna met up with her friends from Carlisle High School.
 George mimics Joepa's yard work.

28 May -- Fun in Carlisle

Enjoying some fun in Carlisle.
 Henry is one with the road.

27 May -- Charlie's 8th Birthday

We arrived in Carlisle on Charlie's birthday and Anna's parents were ready!

George is getting bigger.
Jane explores the space.
Matchbox ramp ready -- check!

Let's eat some cake!

It's great... be 8!

27 May -- Springfield, OH to Carlisle, PA (Cross Country Trip Day 6)

On the final day, we drove from Springfield, OH to Carlisle, PA...just 410 miles!
All was well...
...and then the insanity set in!

26 May -- Columbia, MO to Springfield, OH (Cross Country Day 5)

We drove Columbia, MO to Springfield, OH -- 490 miles.
Anna left a carton of milk from breakfast on the roof of the car and remembered as we drove down the highway!  I was able to look out thru the sunroof and snap a pic to document it!
 Love those names!
 We stopped by a friend's house outside of St Louis, MO and had a nice visit and lunch.  It was great to see the Asays, friends from Pilot Training, again!
The kids got along quite nicely.
 This might look like a lot of kids, but this was actually missing 3 of their kids!
Why hello there.

25 May -- Colorado Springs, CO to Columbia, MO (Cross Country Day 4)

We drove and drove and drove...from Colorado Springs, CO to Columbia, MO...711 miles!
 Goodbye mountains...
 ...hello Kansas...
...and we headed east, and kept going east!

24 May -- Red Rock Canyon, Colorado Springs, CO (Cross Country Day 3)

Our third stop: Red Rock Canyon.
 This place was not quite as dramatic as Garden of the Gods (which you can see to just above and to the left of Anna's head), but there was practically nobody there!
After Red Rock Canyon, we went to a nice playground/park and enjoyed the rest of the day.
After that...Rudy's BBQ!