Thursday, 30 January 2014

30 Jan -- Pool in January!

When it is 81 degrees out in January in Tucson, you go to the pool!

 George's first swim!


29 Jan -- Lunch at School and Nate's Band

Nate and Dan went to the kids' school to have lunch with Charlie and Jane.

After school lunch, Nate and Dan drove to Phoenix for Nate's show at Last Exit Live.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

28 Jan -- Nate Visits Tucson!

Nate's band, Nth Power, is playing in Phoenix so we were lucky to have Nate visit Tucson for two nights before his show.

 Nice morning hike in Sabino Canyon.  You can't beat a high of 75 on January 28th!

 We then went to the A-10 simulator on base.

 Nate gave Henry a quick bass lesson.

 We rode bikes in the street.


 Nate took George down his first slide!

Time for a couple books.

25 Jan -- Tucson Speedway

I took Charlie and Henry to the Tucson Speedway by the Pima County Fairgrounds.  It was cool and loud!

21 Jan -- Charlie's Third Lost Tooth

Charlie lost another tooth -- his third.  We found it pretty handy to have his toothless photo taken in front of ones from a year ago when he had a full mouth of teeth.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

12 Jan -- Bear Canyon Trail, Tucson, AZ

Dan took Charlie, Jane and Henry to Bear Canyon Trail.  They were quite surprised to find water and quickly went back to the car to get the buckets!

 No kidding...they played like this for over 2 hours!

 The natural stream wasn't good enough for them so they made their own!

Henry does not hold back his enthusiam.

All kids were soaked!

11 Jan -- Knuffle Bunny!

We took the whole family to see the kids' musical, Knuffle Bunny, by Mo Willems.  It was AWESOME!  For other upcoming shows, such as "The Cat in the Hat," go to

 The musical is put on by adults but for kids.  It was really good!

 George enjoyed the songs.

 We got to meet the cast afterwards.

 Henry did not want his picture taken with the cast...and man is he strong.