Monday, 2 November 2009

2 Nov -- In Other News

While Dan's been gone, we've had some random funny/exciting happenings.

Charlie has developed British tendencies and now only pronounces can't as "C-ahn't" (Not sure if that's a technical phonetic spelling, but you get the picture). Usually it's a frustrated whiney voice, "Mama, I c-ahn't do it myself!!!!!"

Jane has gotten her 3rd tooth! Yes, I realize that she is 18 months old, but apparently she enjoys gumming her food. It's a molar and Dan feels that there is a strategy to the order that she has selected. I can't wait for the next one to arrive...probably sometime around the beginning of 2010.

Charlie recently got a balance bike (let's just say that an overly excited Santa made an early trip to our house). He is getting pretty good at riding it. I'll try to get pictures of him on it this week, if it ever stops raining.

Many mornings I'm awoken to "Excuse me, Mommy. Moooommy, excuse me." in the baby monitor. We're on the main level, while the kids are upstairs (which has benefits and disadvantages). But Charlie has decided that the baby monitor is more like a walkie-talkie and so I'm greeted with his sweet little whisper to let me know that he's awake and would like to come downstairs.

Jane has become a fan of the word "No", but she says it so darn cute and shakes her head that I'm having a hard time getting frustrated with her. Charlie, however, is severely irked when she says "No" to him and it usually progresses into a shouting match until both of them forget the reason for the fight.

So none of these are related, but I wanted to post them before I forgot.


Dene' said...

I LOVE IT!! That was just too cute!! Thanks for the blog I love it and keeping up with you guys. That and it's just crazy to see you in the Hogans old house! :) Hope I didn't lead you astray and I gave a true picture of what it is like. Oh and thanks for the tip about the airplane! I corrected my blog and now the airplane is labeled as a C-17!

Amanda Evans said...

Sounds like lots of fun! Miss you guys!