Sunday, 22 January 2012

22 Jan -- Charlie's New Haircut

 Charlie had a request for his haircut tonight.  It was a first, but Dan gave him what he asked for.

 Hello, Mohawk!

21 Jan -- Garmisch Ski Trip, Day 2

We continued our outdoor adventure in the snow.

 Get him!

Jane loves lying in the snow.

 After playing in front of Edelweiss, we walked over to a hill to do some sledding.

 Henry enjoyed the view.

Henry liked sledding but definitely led out some nervous laughter when they got to the bottom.

 What camera?

 Jane liked rolling down the hill.


I put this on Henry's head and he said, "Robot Henry."

20 Jan -- Garmisch Ski Trip, Day 2

On the second day, Charlie went to a ski school and Jane and Henry went to day care.  Anna and I enjoyed a nice coffee and wandered around downtown Garmisch.  It rained all morning and as we drove into town, Anna said, "I swear this place is gorgeous when it snows."  1 minute later the heavy rain turned into a snow squall.  It was a winter wonderland in no time!

 Let it snow!

 Now are you sure you already went to the bathroom?

 The kids did great playing in the snow.

 All together now.

 We had a nice dinner with the Dwyers at the restaurant downstairs.

Henry may have had too many french fries.

19 Jan -- Garmisch Ski Trip, Day 1

We went to Garmisch for a ski trip with my squadron.  It was a blast.

On the first night, the Briner's daughters sang some karaoke for us.

 Then Kyle was not to be left out of the spotlight.

"One upping" continued with Zachary as he danced on stage during another duet.

Nothing beats little kids dancing!

Monday, 16 January 2012

15 Jan -- Bittburg Cascade

It has been cold, wet, and windy in Germany for the past few weeks.  There is little motivation to go play outside because there is no snow.  So on Sunday we went to the Bitburg Cascade and enjoyed some fun at the pool.

 Don't hurt yourself!

 These floaties rock!

Henry turned more and more blue ("I have a blueberry for a daughter...") throughout the morning and had had enough of pool time, but Jane on the other hand could have stayed the whole day.