Sunday, 23 October 2016

23 Oct -- Orlando City Soccer Match

Orlando City Soccer Club played their last match of the season today.  They won 4-2.  It was a blast!

First stop...time to fuel up!

 Henry combed his own hair.  I think he was going for the Pat Riley look.

 Where's Waldo?

 Really, this is how he likes to pose.

 Hangin' with the hooligans.

 Dinner on the way home was yummy.

Yup, it's past their bedtime.

22 Oct -- A Beautiful Cool Day!

Here is Dan, prepping the kids before they go to school.

 Scooter brigade -- roll out!

 Sorry it's upside down, but it was quite fun doing a puzzle of us.

 Yesterday we had 'fall' weather = it was in the 70's with low humidity!

 All the neighborhood kids were out.

In case you missed it, Penn State beat Ohio State and it was awesome!

17 Oct -- Highlands Hammock State Park and Avon Park Air Force Range

We went to Highlands Hammock State Park and it was awesome!

 Part of the walkways were super cool!

 A cottonmouth snake!  Not cool!!

 On a nice hike...there is always time for pushups!

 Great shade!

 Into the swamp again.

 After this spot, the walkway narrowed again.

 Need more people in this car!