Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Feb 16 -- Happy 6th Birthday, Henry!

I can't believe he's 6!  The day started with blueberry muffins, some cards and a crown!

 His eyebrow injury is from dropping a plank of wood on his face.  Yup, true story.

 Lunch with George and Mom!

  After lunch, George and I got to go back to his classroom and read a Pete the Cat book to his class.  They were so sweet!

 Present time!

 He's got his own kindle now!

 Helicopters that shoot darts is always a winner.

 His dinner of choice was hot dogs and french fries.

And while he refused to eat it, he did help decorate his own cake.

Henry, age 3

Henry, age 6

Feb 16 -- End of January, Beginning of February

 Henry and George have taken to creating "car art" in the mornings when they wake up

 Another one bites the dust.  The lot next door to us starts be built on.  Makes for some entertainment for the kids, at least.

 Rogue Lucky Charms find their way to unlikely places in our house. 

 Breakfast with the three big kids at The Egg and I. (Henry was hiding)

 Charlie's Spelling Bee!  He did great and was one of the top eight kids.  He went out on the pesky word "platoon"

 But cupcakes make not winning the spelling bee just fine by him!

 George feels the need to bring back the thigh high toddler boot look. 

 George's picture of people (He draws one inside the other) 

 Jane's Super Bowl Sign

 Henry's Super Bowl Sign

 And this is our life.  The three boys dog piling and Jane coloring nicely at the table.

 Charlie takes acolyte training very seriously

 Tooth #2!

 Tangrams are the best!

 George requested this picture post church.  Man, he can sport a sweater vest like a boss!

 Book Fair and Lunch with the Kids

 George loves coming to the big kids' school...especially when McD's is involved!

 George totally flew this kite!

 We took Peter out to Grand Bay Refuge to hunt for gators!

 It was a tad bit windy up at the top of the fire tower!

The missing bolts on the bottom of the railing at the top always make me a little nervous

Peter was testing out his bottle tube to ensure safe travels on his trip home.  I didn't upload the video, but it was a successful test run!

 Goodbye, Uncle Peter!

 Wait, don't leave us with just our Mom!

 Rosie loves her snuggle bed

 George loves to try to join her in her snuggle bed.

 Rosie does not love to share her snuggle bed

 George also loves covering Rosie up, citing the chill in the air makes her cold

 Henry loves a tucked in shirt, tight pants and apparently socks over jeans.

 Apparently we only need one twin bed for all 4 kids.  Space saver!

 Jane is not known for eating very tidy.  I handed her a nutella snack pack during the movies and looked over a bit later to find that it was on her chest, face, forehead, you name it.

 Watch out for the laser beams in the house, Secret Agent Man!

Our poor babysitter had to navigate the streamers for bedtime. She's dedicated to her job!