Sunday, 20 November 2011

20 Nov -- Random Update

Bath time!

 Yummy breakfast!

Our hutch that we bought at this year's Spangdahlem Fall Bazaar.  The lady made it just for me after I'd emailed her a month or so ago about what I was looking for.  She uses reclaimed wood and so the bottom half is actually a desk.  There are blue Dutch tiles along the backsplash that show pictures of butter making and cheese making.  (Note Charlie in action on the big wheel!)

These are the newest purchase trend and my friend, Tessie, and I went to a flea market in Belgium this weekend and I decided to jump on the bandwagon.  It was used to hold wine/vinegar.  Now it's currently holding two of Henry's matchbox cars and a half eaten cracker.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

12 Nov -- Fort Kleber in Strasbourg, France

On our last day we went to Fort Kleber and then drove home.

 Here is the apartment we stayed at--3 bedroom for 75 euros a night.  Not too shabby.

 Fort Kleber is about 3 miles northwest of Strasbourg.  It was built in the 1870s.

 To our surprise, there was a petting zoo inside, and Henry could not have been more excited--the ducks not so much.

 The zookeeper was super helpful and accommodating with out little kids.


 No joke--the goat's name was Henry...

...but he wanted nothing to do with our Henry.

 Such volume!

 Jane liked the slide...

 ...Henry did not... ALL!


 This strange contraption was along the highway in France, but we have no idea what it is.  It didn't look like a part of the irrigation system.  Any thoughts?

I swear this photo is not staged.

11 Nov -- The Vaisseau in Strasbourg, France

We went to the Vaisseau, a science-centre in Strasbourg which is for children between 3 and 15 years old.   It was blast and a must for anybody traveling to Strasbourg with kids.

 As you can see from Charlie, there was no time for walking!

 The construction site was quite extensive.

 Henry was mesmerized with the green screen and "flying carpet."

 Henry could have stood there all day.

 So what is in the bottom of a kangaroo's pouch?

11 Nov -- Notre Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg, France

We headed over to the Notre Dame Cathedral and were amazed at it's size as we come around the corner of the alley we were walking through.  It's ginormous (as Charlie would say). 

Charlie attempts his street performing skills

The astronomical clock

Charlie and Dan climbed to the top of the tower, all 15,432 steps (well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration)

Charlie was proud of his "strong legs" for getting him to the top.

No amount of fancy camera angling could fit the cathedral completely in the picture.

Tarte Flambee Baguette.  Yes, please.

Jane's drunk on sleep here.  We always are amused by her.