Wednesday, 21 October 2009

16 Oct -- Dover and the trip home

Dover Castle was our last stop on our trip around England. It was a bitterly cold and windy day, but it didn't stop us from exploring the grounds (well, maybe it stopped us a little bit, but we tried not to let it stop us!) It's a huge castle that's oldest section is about 900 years old and the keep was built in the 12th century and remodeled to let you see what it would have looked like back then. There are underground medieval tunnels and a Command Center and hospital from World War II. It sits at the top of a steep hill and our brakes on our new car decided to seize as we were headed up. We managed to get to the parking lot and when we went to leave we held our breath, but the situation seemed to correct itself and we didn't have to call a tow truck after all.


The keep's bedrooms

At the top of the keep

We ate our lunch outside the cozy (Warm) coffee shop behind us after the man at the counter said we couldn't bring our own food in. It didn't seem to matter that the shop was almost completely empty and we had a screaming toddler and hungry preschooler with us. The wind only partially froze us, thanks Mr. Coffee Shop Manager. No hot chocolate or coffee was bought there after we left on bitter terms.

Exploring the underground tunnels

This place was huge!

Dan and the kids seek shelter from the fierce winds behind a wall
Due to a workers strike on the ferry that we had bought tickets for, the ferry company gave us vouchers to use the Euro tunnel (Chunnel) to get back to France. It was really exciting and despite the slight claustrophobia I developed in the train, it was a short and relaxing trip home.

Waiting to load onto the Chunnel train

All snug in the train

The girls

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