Friday, 30 May 2008

30 May -- My Name on a Jet

I just got my name on a jet and it looks awesome! Better yet, today, I was on the flightline and saw that it was loaded wall-to-wall with CBU--beautiful. Enjoy the pics.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

27 May -- Everland, Jane at 6 Weeks, and Happy Birthday Charlie

This is Jane at 6 weeks.
What would a post be without a few pics from Everland. We went on Monday of Memorial Day Weekend and it was great because the lines were relatively short all though every other American on the peninsula thought of that as well.

We started in the zoo.

Charlie wanted to practice his back stroke with the penguins and sea lions but we missed free swim.
Charlie's favorite animal--the monkey...and yes, those are monkeys behind us.
Charlie giving a monkey a smooch.
Charlie absolutely LOVES the gift from his Uncle Peter and Aunt Sophie. They know how serioulsy he takes his tools.
Charlie turned 2 today, as indicated by his fingers...
...and he now has 2 less teeth thanks to the gummy worms.
Charlie loves making waves.

Charlie devours his cake and worms.

Charlie loves the Tiger flashlight, and yes Charlie said "growl" during this clip. He is amazing.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

21 May -- Visit with Oma

MJ left today and Charlie keeps asking for Oma! Here are some more pics from her time in Korea!

On the Flightline

At Everland in the Monkey House. Charlie wouldn't leave this Monkey Head, he just kept pushing the buttons to make it "talk"!

Looking at the monkey

Can you feel his enthusiasm for the Carousel?!

Jane in her papasan chair

Charlie's birthday cake

What do you mean "There's no more cake"?

Wow! Cool, huh? is Charlie's new favorite expression

Family pic with everyone looking at the camera

Charlie didn't want to give Jane back after this picture!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

18 May -- Parents Visit

Finally a post with some pics!

Jane relaxing on her faux mink blanket.
Some day we will learn how to use the timer...

Here's lookin at you, kid.
Charlie and I chillin on the flightline; do not be alarmed--Dan does not have an A-10 growing out of his neck just yet...
Charlie opening presents from his vigilant fans ensuring that he is not forgotten with the addition of a younger sister.
At the Armed Forces Day Parade Charlie loved the cool pimped out cars.
Charlie is such a big help.
Beef Bulgogi anyone? By the way--raw sliced garlic looks a lot like water chestnuts. Do not confuse the two.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

10 May -- Charlie and Jane

So Anna's Mom made it to Korea and we've been enjoying our extended help with the kids. Charlie appears to love being a big brother, but sometimes forgets how big of a brother he actually is. Jane tolerates his powerful kisses and hugs very well and it's sweet to see them together. Jane's 2 week appointment went well and she weighed in at 11 pounds stark naked. The pediatrician has no concerns about failure to thrive obviously! She's still eating about every 2-3 hours and keeps this schedule through the night as well. We're hopeful that she'll decide to take longer snoozes between meals very soon. Dan went back to work and he's enjoying his new position in the squadron. The weather has been really nice lately, but the yellow sand is fairly potent and everything has a yellow haze to it currently. The site is not letting me post new pics right now, but as soon as it's back up, we'll upload some videos and updated pictures of everyone!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

2 May -- Charlie and Jane

So Jane is two weeks old and we're starting to get into a routine (AKA - sleep deprivation). I weighed her at the WIC office here today and she weighed 10 lbs, 11 ounces--she did have on her diaper and onesie, so that might account for some of the weight. She is doing really well and has grown so much in just this short amount of time.

Charlie is loving having Daddy home and they've been on long walks around base(Thanks Gram and Pops for introducing us to this toddler exhausting tip!) and to Everland (Korea's Disneyland) twice. He's going to miss Dan when he goes back to work next week (Heck, I'm going to miss Dan when he goes back to work next week!)

Anna's Mom arrives next Tuesday and will be visiting for about 2 weeks (Ahhh, the extra help continues a bit longer!) Anyone else feel up for a 24 hour flight to Korea? We offer a lovely aerobed mattress to all visitors and you only have to share a bathroom with a 2 year old (although he does spend a lot of time in there brushing his teeth...)

Charlie cheers on the school buses on the first unofficial "National School Bus Appreciation Day."

Anna is squeezing an empty bottle of soap and it is making some sounds that Charlie found very amusing.

At Everland Charlie loved the Nerf ball play area.