Friday, 1 June 2012

1 Jun -- Jane's Last Day of Kindergarten

 We picked up Jane today from her last day in her German Kindergarten.  They have been so good to us these past 2 years we've been with them.  First with Charlie and then with Jane.  We will miss them when we move to Arizona, but I know they gave my kids a great cultural experience and I'll always be grateful for that.

 Talking with Kerstin, Charlie's teacher

 Jane was so distraught with this being her last day.  Just kidding, she wiped out on the tile steps as we walked in.  Our friend, Petra, we will miss so much!  She has been so helpful and I'll miss my morning/afternoon talks with her.

 The Kindergarten's awesome foam block center.

Jane's teacher, Heike, gave Jane her class photo, a class gift and her binder with her progress over the year.  Heike was so patient and let me use my awful German grammar with her and never made me feel silly.  Thanks, Heike!
 It was like a parade walking home.  Teachers and kids waved and popped out of windows and doors to say goodbye to Jane.  So nice!

We'll miss you, Dudeldorf Kindergarten!