Tuesday, 30 November 2010

27 Nov -- Leaving Salzburg, Austria

This was our apartment for the week. Bottom right 3 windows are ours.

One last picture of the Alps before we left.

26 Nov -- Chiemsee, Germany

We again ventured out of Salzburg.  On our last day we drove to Chiemsee, Germany, a really nice lake with a couple islands in the middle.

We saw a cool horse drawn beer carriage in Salzburg before we left.

This was Frauenchiemsee, the smaller of the two islands, and where the Christmas Market was. 

 We rode out on a boat and the kids were great.

 It never stopped snowing!  We first went to Herrenchiemsee, the larger of the two islands.  We re-bundled up the kids and headed to the doors of the boat when we realized they were already pulling away from the island.  Whoops.  The workers were kind enough to pull back up to the dock for us to get out.  They joked that they wouldn't let kids swim, but I think if it wasn't for Charlie, Jane and Henry, we might have had to swim for it.

 We went for a 20 minute walk to the Neues Schloss, or New Castle...and 20 minutes back to the boat.  We are crazy!

Very windy walk

 Next stop, Frauenchiemsee, and the Christmas Market.

The kids spent most of the day in the stroller, hidden under blankets and the wind cover.  Very smart.  And if you peer closely, you'll see Jane screaming.

 Still snowing!

Jane liked laying on the ground under the carpet at the apartment


Salzburg was fun.

25 Nov -- Hallstatt and a Waterfall, Austria

We ventured out of Salzburg and headed to Hallstatt, Austria, to check out some new scenary.  On the drive back to Salzburg, we stopped along the way to walk in the woods to find a waterfall.

 Hallstatt was a really nice small town along side a lake with HUGE mountains all around.

Jane followed the yellow line the whole way.

I wasn't kidding about the HUGE mountains by the lake.

Not a bad place for a playground.

The stop to find the waterfall was well worth it.  There were 6 mill houses with cool troughs that funneled the water to the water wheels.

 The waterfall was about 6 stories tall.

 Charlie charging the camera.

All together now!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

24 Nov -- Salzburg, Austria (Red Bulls Fussball Game)

That night, we went to a Red Bulls Fussball game.

 We opened the car doors and the kids made a dash for the stadium.

Our plan was for Anna to stay until Jane or Henry lost it and then leave.  But all the kids made it through the entire game.


Jane sporting her new soccer scarf.

24 Nov -- Salzburg, Austria (City Day 4)

On our third day, we went to the Residenz Palace, St Peter's Cathedral and Catacombs, and Hellbrunn Park.

 The kids did great at the Salzburg Residenz Palace.  Each room had a number to punch into a listening device, and Charlie enjoyed searching for the numbers.

 In each new room, Jane and I would search for a chair to sit in.

 Henry would walk around with Anna.

 This is Jane searching for a 'pirate ship' in one of the paintings.

Jane had been doing sooooo well until she walked under one of the red ropes, so I picked her up and she burst into tears.

 Salzburg is not so stroller friendly.

Quite impressive!

 The catacombs were really cool, as well.  You can see them built into the rock wall.

 There were a ton of stairs inside.

 Again you can see the catacombs half way up the tall green tree in the picture above.

 Good thing we left our segways at home.

 It had a really nice playground that Charlie could not wait to go to.  But he fell asleep before we got there...

 ...and when he woke up, he was pleased to see where we were.

 After riding on the zipline, he saw the gazebo where Liesl danced and sang "16 Going on 17."

 Charlie agreed to go on the zipline for a bit before going over to see the gazebo.

 Skype'ing with Oma.

All together now!