Sunday, 24 February 2008

24 Feb -- Charlie Paints and Reads

Well, here are some more pictures with Charlie. We tried out some new cool paints and markers that Aunt Katie sent and Charlie had fun smearing his fingers through the colors. He might have a career in stage make-up. That's not a black eye you see in the picture, but a lovely mix of the blue and red paints. I promise!

Charlie loves sitting in his Adirondack chair and reading his books. We used to sit on Mama's lap to read, but lately the lap has become non-existent so I think he finds this chair way more comfy.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

19 Feb -- Baking Cookies

We decided to try out Charlie's baking skills since he likes watching Anna in the kitchen and playing with the pots and pans and tupperware. It turns out that he was more interested in washing his hands and eating the finished product than he was in rolling the dough, cutting out the cookies or decorating them afterwards. Perhaps his Emeril skills have to be refined a bit before we go any further with this career as a top chef!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

13 Feb -- Give Parents a Break Video Clip

A few weeks ago Charlie and Anna were interviewed for a base program and the article was shown on the AFN network over here as well as on the local radio station. Charlie is well on his way to stardom! Also, that's him at the end of the clip sleeping with his frog blanket :) Click twice on the play button to watch the video.

13 Feb -- 28 Week Belly Pics and Dan's Awards Dinner

So the baby's doing well. Right now, I'm 29 weeks along and feeling really good. He or she is kicking me constantly and I'm having to remind him or her that for now we must "share" Mama's belly! Nevertheless I love this stage of pregnancy and don't even mind the "popped out" belly button that appeared about a month ago (although, it is difficult to hide it behind my shirts!)

28 Weeks

28 Weeks

We went to an awards banquet this weekend and got to get all fancied up. I hadn't seen Dan in his mess dress since our wedding and I must say he looked fabulous in it! I managed to find a dress that fit me and we had a great time that night. It felt like we were going to prom (although, I was never pregnant at prom, so I guess things have changed a bit since then!)

So much for a classy pic!

In front of the Ice Sculpture. They kept it from melting by opening the doors. It's been freezing here lately with "Real Feel" temps in the low teens. We're looking forward to some warmer days!

This month is "Flat top February" at work. So on Sunday Dan went and got the obligatory hairdo. I told him he may not participate in March's Mustache Month, though!

Charlie loves to draw at his desk and we are grateful to the Crayola Company for inventing markers that only mark on special paper.