Monday, 16 July 2012

9 Jun -- Playground & Last Date Night in Germany

We were in billeting with a great playground across the street.

 This is where our kids took their naps.

Henry did not like the idea of sleeping in this tunnel at night. 

 That night Anna and I went out for out last date in Deutschland. 

So good.

 The Dutch lost their soccer match and the band sadly marched home.

 Lovely bar for some beer after dinner.

Tschuss, Mosel River!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

8 Jun -- At Antonia's Farm, Pickließem, Germany

We spent the afternoon at our babysitter's house in Pickließem.


Henry was so excited to see all the animals; not sure if they were so psyched to see him.

Luckily, the cows didn't try and eat Jane's hair.

 Bunny!   Lap, lap!

 Hug!  Hug!

 One blink later and Henry has the poor bunny on the ground...

...and then he put the bunny in a sleeper hold...

...then the bunny fought back!

 Huge highlight: Charlie got to drive this enormous tractor.

 Jane and Antonia get in on the action.

 So is this how you make it go?

We will truly miss Antonia!  Hopefully we will either see again!