Saturday, 16 January 2016

16 Jan -- Jane Loses Her First Tooth! And Tunes for Tots at VSU

 This morning we headed to Valdosta State University to attend their Tunes for Tots program where they introduce kids to musical instruments.  It was so much fun!  What an awesome event to have.  They were so generous with their time and patience letting each kid try out the instruments.  Before we arrived at the auditorium, Jane's very first tooth fell out (She'll be 8 in April)!  What an exciting moment!

 Bottom Right Central Incisor 

 George sat in Jane's lap for a majority of the program.  You can see the hint of the gap in her mouth!

 After each instrument came out and explained what they did and how they sounded, they had a group children perform for us as well. 

 Jane said the flute was her favorite instrument that she got to try

 Charlie said the violin was his favorite since they didn't have a piano to try.

 Henry, working on some love ballads for the ladies.

 Even George was game for the violin!

 The kids liked to hear that Anna and Gram both played the french horn.  Henry picked it as his favorite instrument (but the fact that the two french horn players picked Star Wars theme song to play for the kids may have had something to do with his choice)

 The Oboist was great and so friendly and let the kids come back a few times to play!

 The Bassoon was Henry's least favorite because the sanitizer left a bad taste in his mouth.

 The Clarinetist said our kids had a natural talent for the woodwind instrument.  While he may have just been pushing his agenda, I was impressed that all the kids seemed to get that one down quickly.  

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

6 January -- New Years and Hikes

Happy New Year!!  We ended the year with a trip to Grand Bay Refuge and the search for gators.  We didn't see any of them, but we did see a snake that was warming itself in the sun.   

We also got to go bowling while Oma and Joepa were here and celebrating New Year's Eve in style with Flat Dan being the life of the party.  He's such a goofball, that Flat Dan!

We ended our Christmas vacation with a hike around Grassy Pond with friends.  8 kids and 2 moms on a 3.1 mile hike requires some serious motivation and sometimes strong arms and back for hauling various kids!