Sunday, 26 February 2012

24 Feb -- Cowboy and Indian Party, Grandsdorf, Germany

We went to a Cowboy and Indian Party on Friday night.

 Anna went as an Indian and I went as a...tatanka...her bull.

 General Custer was there.

 So were Anna's strong baby carrying-arms.

And you thought we left the baby at home.

Monday, 20 February 2012

16 Feb -- Happy Birthday, Henry! (More Pics)

Happy Birthday to Henry!  We made ice cream cone cupcakes for him and he had to try both flavors.  He's such a funny guy and makes our lives so much fuller!  Love our little man!

 The breakfast waffle candles gave him some good practice for the cake's candles. 

 Eyes closed for the present!

 He loves him some trucks!

 The traditional yearly measurement

 No cheating!! 

So proud of himself

Thursday, 16 February 2012

16 Feb -- Happy Birthday, Henry!

You're 2!

More pics to come...

Monday, 13 February 2012

13 Feb -- Ghent, Belgium

On our drive back to Deutschland, we stopped in Ghent to check out a castle and to pick up some french fries!

Let the exploring begin.

We chose not use this as a "time out" teachable moment like we do with red cards in soccer.

He looks dead, says Jane.  He is reflecting.

Quite possibly the highlight for today (at least for me!)--a bathroom with a view.  Still feels like public urination to me.

Anna had to check it out for herself.

12 Feb -- Whisper Time!

We love whispering in Henry's ears and telling him to pass on the secret.

Henry anxiously awaits for a message from Jane.

Jane gives Anna a few too many details in her last whisper.

We saw the penguins earlier in the day and we learned how they talk--this is Henry recreating their speech.

12 Feb -- Sea Life Park in Blackenberge, Belgium

On our second day we went to the Sea Life Aquarium in Blackenberge.

 We are going to a need a lot of butter for these legs!
 It looks like Anna and I will have to stay on our toes here.

 Pretty sweet tunnel.

 There was an outside area with seal, penguins, and otters.

 I can walk like a penguin!

 Jane literally ran over and dove into the purple and pink stuffed animal pile.

 Henry was beat after the aquarium.