Thursday, 30 April 2009

27 Apr -- Everland Trip #???

I am on local leave and we are just going to travel to places...well...locally. On Monday we went to our favorite spot in Korea--Everland.

Jane loves monkeys even more than layered clothing of every color.

My turn...

Jane's clearly sees the impending wreck...

Jane is about to tuck and roll her way to safety.

Charlie rode the gondola like a champ.

Jane's red hair looks awesome blowing in the wind at the park.

The noise you here is actually Charlie doing his best guinea pig sound.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

25 Apr -- DMZ Tour

We finally made it to the DMZ (ah hem, 2 years after arriving). Our original intent was to go when we first arrived to really impress upon us our reason for being here. Obviously that did not happen, but we were happy to get to it before we leave here this summer. We dropped the kids off with our friends bright and early and spent the entire day seeing some pretty cool sights.

When we got to the actual DMZ they gave us the speech of "Don't point/wave/stick out tongues at the North Koreans on the other side." I felt like I was at an auction and afraid I was going to inadvertently buy something I didn't want. Needless to say, I kept my hands at my sides and refused to scratch my itchy nose until we were well out of sight of the North Koreans.

Dan in front of the Peace Bell...they're just itchin' to ring that baby!

Right after we took this pic, Dan saw a sign that said, "No pictures and don't stand close"...whoops

The Freedom Bridge

Us smiling happily with North Korea in the background

"One Korea! Make it happen!"

At the Dorasan Train Station, you better read the signs carefully and get on the correct train.

Dan's in South Korea and Anna's in North Korea

Tunnel time.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

23 Apr -- Haircut!!

So Charlie took a big step tonight. He got his haircut at the barber shop on base. We've always cut his hair at home because he's pretty uncooperative with the whole deal and I figured I could do as good a job on a wiggly/screaming/crying kid as someone else. That was until this week when I realized that my son was growing a mullet (no offense to you mullet-wearers out there). Horrified that he might develop a taste for such a hairstyle, I made a deal with my son. I managed to convince him to get his hair cut with the promise that we would get ice cream afterwards (I also told him chicks dug clean cut hair and since his friends Ava and Gretchen were nearby, he was up to that challenge!). Three very sweet Korean ladies working on his hair and holding his head/10 lollypops, jolly ranchers and Now & Laters later and we walked out with a fabulous new do. I realize that this post means nothing without pictures, but Charlie's asleep currently and there's no way I'm waking him up for a pic! I'll post one tomorrow as soon as he's up and moving. I was just too excited to wait to post the news.

Notice Jane in the background, that sneaky girl!

This helmet is hiding my mullet

Is this an elephant costume, Dad?

Mom, can we get a real zebra to ride on?

Saturday, 18 April 2009

19 Apr -- More Videos

The monkeys at Everland are very proud of their sharp and shiny teeth.

Will Jane give me a kiss...

Ladies and Gentlemen, the next American Idol

18 Apr -- Videos and More

Here is an up to date picture of me in my flight suit in case you were looking for a new wallpaper for your computer. Just right click on the pic...

Here is a long standing Edgar family birthday tradition--the attack of whip cream. Jane liked it...Charlie refused...and Anna ran for the bathroom (aka panic room).

18 Apr - Happy Birthday, Jane!!

Jane's 1 and she's getting so big. Here's what she's been up to these days...

She loves getting around with her walker
I made a carrot cake for my carrot top, it was tasty (and healthy ;))
Charlie helped Jane with the candle
This frosting is delish, thanks Betty Crocker

Yummy cake, Mama!

I love her little bloomers!
The movin' and groovin' stage


Saturday, 11 April 2009

11 Apr -- Past Week Adventures

This past week we've hit the hot spots in Korea...Everland, the Suwon Fortress and (of course) the playground. Here are some fantastic pictures of our week...

Korean traffic stinks and it's hot...thank goodness for Camelback

Charlie and his buddy JD take a break with some lollypops

Suwon Fortress

Charlie gets his bearings...

Springtime in Korea is so nice!

Spotting Charlie on the climb down...

The "fast slide"

Jane likes to try to climb her way up the slides

Charlie lovin' the Everland rides
He loved sticking his hands in the way of the jets

Dan has great plans for his next hearing test...
The better to hear you with, my dear...

Charlie playing with his train set

Watching the garbage truck do its thing

The cabinet never gets old for them