Monday, 20 February 2017

20 Feb -- Bok Tower and Bowling!

Nice day at Bok Tower and Bowling at the Eagle Ridge Mall.

 Anna challenged Henry to a race.

 Jane thought, "Maybe I should join."

 Jane later regretted her decision.

 $1 shoes + $1 per game + $1 hot dog + $1 fries + $1 coke = awesome for a family of 6!

 Charlie needed 7 in his last frame to beat Anna and place first...

 Lots of stress!

 He thought he got only 6 down.

 Then he realized he actually got 7 and beat Anna by one pin!

19 Feb -- Cape Canaveral Launch Take Two

Well worth the drive to see the rocket launch today!

 Sunrise as we drove to the shore.

 Time to work on some soccer skills before the launch.

18 Feb -- Cape Canaveral Launch Take One

We drove to Cape Canaveral to watch Space X launch a rocket.  Sadly, they did not launch.

They got as far as "T minus 10 seconds" and then they cancelled due to an issue.  Bummer!

 Luckily there is a beach nearby and the weather was nice.

Anna and I had a great time at Grove Roots Brewery.

17 Feb -- Happy Birthday Henry Part Deux and Arcade Time

Busy day!

Dan's turn to eat lunch at the kids' school.

Henry and George helped decorate Henry's birthday cake.

Henry won big at the arcade!

Dan had an air hockey table growing up...that's what a family with five boys needs -- the insanity of an air hockey table!

 Henry's mad decorating skills.