Tuesday, 29 May 2012

28 May -- Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland Day 5

On our last day we headed out around 8:15am to stop at Interlaken on our way home.  We headed up a funicular to Harder Kulm where there was a great lookout point.  We played, once again, at a great playground and did some hiking along the ridge.

 Staubbach Falls

 Our apartment, top floor with the balcony

 Master Bedroom

 Living Room

 Bedroom 2

 View from the balcony, you can see the Staubbach falls in the righthand corner.  Awesome!

 The part you can't see is Jane screaming in our car :)  Pure joy!
 On the funicular up to Harder Kulm with Interlaken in the background


 I asked Henry if he had fun on the slide, he responded "No" and did not want to go again.

Charlie's shiny face is from our sunblock.  These kids don't see this much sunshine in a year in Germany!

 Charlie checking to see how close Jane was in pursuit

 Jane streamlining

 Henry rode on Daddy's back for the hike

Camera wars!

27 May -- Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland Day 4 and Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Happy Birthday to my 6 year old little man!  Charlie celebrated his birthday in style in Switzerland.  We drove to Grindelwald and then my poor car suffered through a strenous hike up to Bort where we decided she'd had enough and we sent her back down to the valley to rest while we continued on up the mountain to see Bachalpsee.  (Note - NOT stroller friendly, but we hiked it anyway)

 Sweet playground while we waited for Dan to get back from the valley.

 Working on his rope skills

 You had to earn your ride down the slide


 I thought this may be the last image I had of Dan and my car before they found them both at the bottom of the mountain.

 Fueling up for the hike with Goldfish and water

 Jane was working on a great dam

Dan made it back, what a relief!!

 Headed up the mountain

 Top of First, 7000+ Feet above sea level

 Oh so optimistic

Ummm, what?
 Yes, this is Dan.  Pushing the stroller.  In the snow.  On a mountain.
 Still feeling good

As we reached Bachalpsee it started to hail.  For real.  Who does that to a family wearing shorts, pushing a stroller on top of a mountain?!

 We made our mark!

 Warming up for the big picture

 Lovin' it!

 The walk back

 Rollin' downhill isn't easy!

 Just after this picture I wiped out on my butt in the snow.  And brought the kids all with me.

 Back safe in the cable car.

 So glad we made it!

 Bike ride along the valley

 Playground with a view

 Henry in action

View from our bathroom.  You can't see it but there's a small waterfall that Dan said inspired him every time he was in here.