Tuesday, 27 November 2012

10 Nov -- Playground and Jeep Ride

 We found Henry sleeping peacefully under his bed during quiet time.

 At McDonald Park, Henry gives Jane a spin.

Janey testing gravity.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

6 Nov -- Election Night

Anna brought the election home in a classic vote off: dinner and dessert.

 Decisions, decisions...

 The big board.

 And the votes are in.

 Spaghetti and brownies it is!

Charlie had wrapped himself in a map of the United States, and if you look closely, you will realize that he is holding up his pointer finger--not his middle finger!

3 Nov -- Sabino Canyon, Tucson AZ

Anna took the kids to Sabino Canyon, a park in Tucson with some nice hiking trails.

 Bring on the cheese.

 Photo by Charlie.

 Photo by Charlie.

 Henry working on his balance.

 Charlie makes a dash for more sunscreen.

 Take a guess...yup, this is Jane shaking her "booty."

Thursday, 1 November 2012

31 October -- Happy Halloween! A Pumpkin Patch and Trick or Treating

 Dan was gone on a trip today so after school the kids and I headed out to Marana Pumpkin Patch for some Trick or Treating fun.  They had a blast (minus a few Henry meltdowns) and it was so much fun, we'll be back again for sure next year!  Then we got home and Charlie realized that kids were still trick or treating in our neighborhood (darn!) so we headed out for a quick trip around the block to grab some more goodies.  All in all they made out like bandits this year and we may have several dentist trips to make after the coming weeks.

 Ready for the train ride.

 All Aboard!

 The jumping pillow was a hit for Charlie and Jane.  They could have stayed on that thing forever.  Henry had to be coaxed into it, but once he was he loved it!

 Jane blended in nicely with the jumping pillow

 Sir Henry gettin' some air!

 Leaping Jane!

 They had a hay mountain that was fun to climb

 Henry preferred to explore the mountains tunnel system

 And this was the source of the Henry meltdowns.  The boy loved this train.

 Visiting the train again.  Jane holding on for dear life.

 There was a costume contest for all ages.  Next year we'll have to get creative. 

 Digging into their loot

 Jane and Henry found a "head" in the tunnels.  Rather than be scared, Henry turned it into a soccer ball.

 Trick or treating in the neighborhood.  Henry had to be reminded not to enter everyone's house when they opened the door.  He also refused to use his bag.  All candy had to be clutched in his little sweaty hands.  The Twix did not survive the night.

 They loved all the halloween decorations.

Anyone home?!