Friday, 9 January 2015

7 Jan -- Oatland Island Wildlife Center, Georgia (Savannah Day 4)

On the final day in Savannah we went back downtown to visit Forsyth Park before heading to the Oatland Island Wildlife Center.

Lovely Spanish moss on the trees along Forsyth Park.

Oatland Island Wildlife Center.

This blew my mind!

Watch your step.

Henry spots the fox.

6 Jan -- Old Fort Jackson, Georgia (Savannah Day 3)

After the beach we went to Old Fort Jackson.  This was the highlight of the trip because the Civil War actor inside was awesome!

Nice time-out spot.

Aaron was an amazing Civil War actor.

Charlie got to play the drum.

The fort was cool because you got to touch things.  I got pivot the big gun in the background on the left.

Charlie and Henry (and I) got to join the Union.

We practiced some drill with the rifles.

Jane joined as the drummer to give the commands to load, aim, and fire.

We got to use the pulleys to lift this gun.

Man that is a lot of shoes!