Tuesday, 27 November 2007

27 Nov Thanksgiving

We spent Thanksgiving at the high school cafeteria with 230 friends. The 25th Fighter Squadron (Dan's Squadron) made a Thanksgiving dinner for the Maintenance Squadron and the families. It went very smoothly and there was enough for people to take home leftovers. Such great friends and food made us very thankful indeed.

Charlie and Daddy looking quite studly in their uniforms
Charlie getting geared up for some turkey and stuffing

Lt. Col. Stokes "Padre" gave the blessing

The line forms for the food...

I need more Green Bean Casserole, stat!

The troops are lookin' full

This is one troop member that will never be full...

See Oma? Charlie likes his Cranberry Sauce, too!

Monday, 12 November 2007

12 Nov Veteran's Day Weekend

Happy Veteran's Day

A nice long weekend of playing with blocks...

...and some recovery time.

Time to refuel.

Who ordered the frowny eyes?

How fast does your zebra go?

Thursday, 1 November 2007

1 Nov Halloween 2007

Charlie dressed up in two costumes this year. We went to a cookout in our apartment complex and we dressed him in a lion costume (definitely the warmer of the two!) He loved seeing himself dressed up in the mirror. I also made a broccoli costume that he was less than thrilled with keeping on. I'll remember this for all future halloween costumes!

This lion's ready for bed

Lion's have various forms of transportation these days

Don't worry, I already ate my dinner

Seriously Mama, I look like a goofball!

That's it, I quit!

Charlie obviously does not appreciate the hours of sewing involved in that hat!

But he does appreciate a good chocolate chip cookie!