Wednesday, 7 October 2009

7 Oct - Pickles

So this is a random post, but I just had to share my joy. I love pickles. And I found something at the thrift shop this week that has made my pickle experience all the more sweet (or dill, in my case). A Tupperware pickle container. I've been wanting one of these forever. We had one growing up and I just think it's brilliant. Without having to fish around with a fork or stick your finger into a jar of brine, you can retrieve a delicious, crisp pickle for your snack. So thank you, Tupperware for your contributions to this world.


Anna said...

What?! I think your thanks should be directed to the thrift store! Don't you love that adrenaline rush when you spot something you have been looking for?!

I scored a sweet pair of K2 in-line skates for $3 this week; the goods might start picking up without you for competition.

Helen said...

Interesting. Is it specifically for pickles or can it be used for other things? Say, for example, you think that pickles are evil.

Alli's Keeper said...

But do they stay crispy??