Thursday, 27 November 2008

28 Nov -- Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a successful Thanksgiving Dinner at the high school cafeteria and managed to serve over 250 plates! It was definitely appreciated and we had a great time playing and eating and visiting with our friends.

Charlie and Jane were fantastic and made the day much less stressful with their behavior. We missed our family, but our friends here definately made our day very special. We are so thankful for that!

Walking home at the end of the night

Enjoying our dinner

Padre servin' up some turkey...Jane's chompin' at the bit to get her plate filled

The pilots serve up a mean Thanksgiving meal

A little family time after dinner

The only way we can get Charlie to stay still these days

Charlie was all about holding Jane

What it takes to get a family picture...

Skip to 15 pictures later...

Wishin' we'd put a belt on Charlie as we have to hike his pants up once...


Three times...

What a happy girl!

Playing on the mats

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

26 Nov -- Nakedness and Potty Training

So we're in full potty training mode and it's been hit or miss. This morning Charlie woke up and was getting ready for school when he decided he did not want to wear diapers to school. We put him in his training underwear and packed up several pairs of extra clothes/underwear/pull-ups and sent him off to school. It doesn't sound like it went very well because he came home with new clothes and a wet pull-up on. At home he's great, but in underwear and clothes it's a little harder. Oh well, it's a work in progress and he's already exceeded my expectations!

Jane's doing very well and is getting pumped for her first Thanksgiving. She's been training with some Gerber Stage 2 Corn and Sweet Potatoes the last few days and has gobbled it up so I think this will become a favorite Thanksgiving food for her.

We had a friend, Carter, at our house while his mom was up in Seoul having a baby. It was a really nice way to distract Charlie and Carter practiced his baby-care skills. He was obsessed with Jane's feet (as seen in pictures below). And loved when she slobber-kissed his forehead again and again and again. Congratulations, Lauren, Cory and Carter, on your newest addition, Clayton! We can't wait to meet him.

Elmo Underwear, Anyone?

Carter lovin' on Janie's feet

Some more love for the piggies

Such a cutie booty!

Brushin' up

Follow Daddy's example

Thursday, 20 November 2008

20 Nov -- Jane loves blueberries (just not frozen!) and other food pics

Jane is certainly not as enthusiastic an eater as Charlie was, but she has her moments. She has to be coaxed into her veggies like green beans and squash, but she loves her fruits, especially plums (Joepa will be glad to hear that). She also inhales her Kix cereal like it's going out of style.

We're half potty-training Charlie at the moment which is oh-so-fun. Actually it's going better than I expected (probably due to the massive quantity of food we've been bribing him with). Sleep is becoming less and less easy with him and I'm beginning to realize how easy we've had it with him up until now.

Frozen blueberries to sooth a sore throat

I think she got brain freeze right after this, because she started bawling

Jane woke up with a nasty cold this morning, but she still looks adorable!

Sorry, I can't hear you. I have a Kix stuck in my ear.

What are you lookin' at?!

Jane loves to put her big toes and push on the tray until they pop off (the tray, not her toes)

Charlie munchin' on an apple

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

19 Nov -- And the sleep deprivation continues...

I just let Jane "Cry It Out" through her 4AM feeding last week. What a fabulous feeling to have 2 kids going to bed at 7PM and waking up at 7AM. I had it all...for a week.

Last night around 11:45PM, I was awakened by Charlie calling my name from the hallway. He then proceeded to get up for the next hour or so, come to our room every few minutes and we would lead him back to his bed where he'd cry off and on for a bit until he got up and came back to our room again. I don't know if he was sleep-walking initially or if he is just realizing the power and freedom of sleeping in a big boy bed. For the last two months he would be awake and wait patiently in his bed for us to come open up the door in the morning and after naps. Sadly that is no longer the routine and I miss it already!!

I just know that one night I'm going to roll over, open my eyes and his little face will be looking me square in the eyes and I will have a little heart attack.

Oh, I miss the crib...

Friday, 14 November 2008

14 Nov -- It's Friday Night, Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

Mine aren't sleeping, that much I do know. The last 2 dates that Dan and I have attempted have ended early due to children that won't stop crying. Jane has forced 2 babysitters to call us early (once we didn't even make it to the restaurant). Then, tonight as our babysitter was leaving, Charlie came out of his room all sly and smile-y. Unfortunately putting him back to bed was not as easy as our regular bedtime routine is. Tears immediately came to head when I reminded him that it is past his bedtime. Currently I hear him bawling in bed (although I'm lucky in that he stays in his bed).

Needless to say this was not the way our evenings are supposed to end. Usually our kids are in bed by 7PM and we have a quiet evening to ourselves uninterrupted. It seems they sense when we are planning anything that doesn't involve them and decide that's the time to act up.

Oh, well, guess this gives me time to clean the bathrooms and fold some wrinkly laundry. Oh, how my Friday nights have changed...

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

11 Nov -- Everland and Korean Independence Hall

Monday we headed to Everland for the morning. We had a blast (as always!) Charlie seems to enjoy the park more every time we go. We visited the animals and went on their safari bus ride to see the lions and tigers and bears (Oh, my!) Then we stopped for a picnic lunch. Afterwards Dan and Charlie went on some of the rides. Anna's stomach can't handle the incessant spinning that occurs on children's rides...
Tuesday we headed about an hour south of Osan to the Korean Independence Hall. It is a large park that has several buildings representing various aspects of Korea's struggle for independence and their oppression over the years. It was very well built and beautiful to walk around. Koreans really love their hills and every place you go, be it Everland or a national memorial, you are ensured a good workout. This must be how they all stay so slim.
Ummmm, Charlie didn't dig this ride too much...sorry, sweetie!

Charlie and Dan wave to the lions on our bus ride

This tiger was just hanging out on one of the adventure jeeps...the running engine must have been keeping his belly warm

Yummy PB&J sandwiches all around...Charlie was not thrilled to have his lunch interrupted for this picture, though

What did I tell you? Beautiful!!

Charlie kept saying "Wheeeeeeee" on this airplane ride

Charlie and Dan strike their super hero poses

Apparently Koreans find it funny to write "Wash Me" on dirty cars, too

Independence Hall

Peace, Dan

It was a fantastic fall day

Charlie was fascinated by the dozens of butterflies hanging out at these flowers...unfortunately so were about 10 dozen bees...we somehow avoided any stings, thankfully

Charlie found the park on the grounds

Self portrait, surprisingly everyone made it into the picture

Not really sure who this was, but he scared Charlie as you can see

Sunday, 9 November 2008

9 Nov -- Jane's Baptism

We had a great time at Jane's baptism. A bunch of our friends came to the service to support us and Charlie behaved pretty well--probably because there was another 2 year old to keep him company. Chaplain Glover played a guitar and sang a song for Jane and it made the baptism even more special. Afterwards we went to the annex and ate some cake to celebrate. We have been truly blessed with our children, with our family and with our friends.

We also took advantage of the fabulous weather (highs in the mid-60's and sunny) and changing foliage and spent an afternoon at the park. It made for some great pictures of the kids (and a few of us, too!)

This has to be my favorite picture ever of Dan and Jane

This is why we go to the park.

Wait for charge!

Jane rehearsing her part in her tiny little baby brain.

Chaplain Glover playing a song for Jane on his guitar--it was very sweet

Our good friends the Jahn's came to support Jane.

Chaplain Glover and the family--Mike: the background is for you.

Jane wore a dress that was Anna's when she was a baby.
Yummy dinner with prunes with apples, Funny faces with puckers and squints!