Saturday, 25 December 2010

25 Dec -- Christmas!


 The first gift of Christmas!  It was a huge hit (for all).

Jane shredding some wrapping paper.

Charlie showing Jane some moves.

Dan made Jane a custom "Assam Draggin" bath towel since she was born during our time with the 25th Fighter Squadron at Osan Air Base, Korea.

 More castle time.

24 Dec - Christmas Eve!

We had a great Christmas Eve!  Everybody got a new pair of pj's.

Charlie is very serious about getting the plate ready for Santa and the reindeers. 

Henry is psyched because he thinks the carrot is for him. 

Time to read "The Polar Express."

...after Santa's visit...

20 Dec -- Snow Day!

We had a snow day (again).  Thanks!

Henry did pretty well hangin' out.

Jane is chilling in her custom snow chair.

Charlie has no idea Anna about to lay the smack down!

Charlie got his turn!

Another shot of Jane in her chair.

Time to eat some snow.

Anna and I then enjoyed some snow-based margaritas.

20 Dec -- Gingerbread Houses

We made some gingerbread houses the other day.  Here are some pics from the fun.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

19 Dec -- More Snow!

We had a ton of snow today.  After our trip to the pool, we ventured outside to play.

 Nothing says Christmas like a snowman in your front yard.

Charlie after throwing the snowball you see in mid-air.  Luckily I was able to dodge it!

 Charlie mocking the snowman.

 This is not CGI...this is real snow.

 We made a sweet snow-fort in the backyard.  I asked Charlie if he would like to sleep in it and he said, "But I don't have my pillow or my blanket."

19 Dec -- Bitburg Cascade, Bitburg, Germany

After a week with a ton of snow, we opted for something warmer: The Bitburg Cascade.

 There was a great kids area.

 Even Henry got in on the action.

There was a warmer pool with a cool seating area around the rim.

 Charlie getting a little daring.

The drive home was treacherous!...but of course we were able to stop for döner kebabs.

Plain and simple: Jane is a nut!