Sunday, 23 June 2013

22 Jun -- More Pool Time

Another beautiful day in Tucson.  Every day in June has been over 100 degrees...crazy! 

 George's cheeks are filling in nicely.

 Henry's sweet form.


21 Jun -- Boise, Idaho

I got to spend a week in Boise flying.  Not a bad deal!

 Idaho's Capital Building.

 Yummy pizza by the slice.

 Now that is a grand ole flag.

 In the mountains to the north of Boise.

Some beautiful country up here!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

15 Jun -- Early Happy Father's Day

 George looks crazy big when Charlie holds him on his legs.

George looks like a little boy here versus a newborn!

14 Jun -- Happy 10th Anniversary to Us!

Happy 10th to us!

 We have moved 5 times since we got married (Dan has moved 7 since joining the Air Force 12 years ago).  We have kept her dress in a nice box thanks to Mary Jane.  We figured Anna had to try it on to justify keeping it!  Thanks God it fit!

 Ahhh....George sleeping peacefully.

13 Jun -- Tucson Zoo

Anna took the kids to the zoo and had a blast.  They got there at 8:00am so it wasn't hot yet.  There is also ample shade throughout.

 Yes!  A water station!

11 Jun -- Face Paint

Anna painted the kids' faces.

 Henry is one unhappy bunny.

 Jane was an awesome unicorn.  She could run and fly.

Charlie was a super man...not the Super Man...just a super man.

9 Jun -- One Hot Momma!

We (Anna and I plus George) went out to dinner.

Just like the title of this post: One Hot Momma!

3 Jun -- The Naddys Visit Tucson!

One our friends from our assignment in Korea came to Tucson for a nice visit.

 At the Galloway's house trying to tire out the kids.  There were 11 kids running around...

 ...except for George; he can't run quite yet--he is more of a snuggler.

2 Jun -- Pool Time

More pool time in the backyard!