Sunday, 31 August 2008

31 Aug -- The Fire Truck, the Playground, and the Pool

Last week, the Fire Department stopped by the playgroup where Anna takes Charlie and Jane once or twice a week. They brought a fire truck and Charlie loved it!
We are enjoying the long weekend. We have spent our time walking around base, going to the park, and swimming at the pool. We plan to go to Everland tomorrow if the weather continues to be so nice.

Jane is ready for the "Brady Bunch" potato sack race.

Yes, Charlie always pulls his hat down this low.

Can I drive?

Charlie loves his new "Cars" shoes--the only problem is he wants to run down the center of the street.

Jane is trying to blend with the locals and their flare for mixing colors and patterns.

No, I will not be your bodyguard.

The head band makes this work.

Ladies and gentlemen: the next Michael Phelps.

Hmmm...this water is delicious!

Charlie loves hanging from the monkey bars--especially since it keeps food on his plate.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

28 Aug -- Stroller, Anyone?

So I bought a stroller the other day at the thrift shop. I needed something for our trip to Hawaii and it seemed like it would work perfectly. Then I started to count how many strollers we own and I realized that I now am the proud owner of 8 (yes, this is not a typo) strollers. They each serve their purpose and we've only bought one of them new, but nevertheless 8 strollers is probably a bit much. I took photos of them, though, to document the insanity before we pare down our "fleet".
The handy dandy single umbrella stroller, useful for air travel and not much else ($10)

The Snap n' Go, useful for the first week or two of the newborn baby's life (Hand-me-down = Free)

The favorite single, a Maclaren umbrella stroller that we love, love, love (Baby Gift = Free)

The jogging stroller, for all the jogging I do... (Church Whale of a Sale = $5)

The Sit n' Stroll, the handiest stroller/carseat option (Thrift Shop = $15)

The Graco Quattro Duo Tandem. The one I use for every day walking around base. It's big, but I love it! I call it the Expedition of double strollers (Purchased New = $220)

The Chicco double umbrella. Handy for outdoor activities and transportation in a car trunk (Thrift Shop = $35)

And the newest to the fleet, the Sit n' Stand. It's smaller than a double, but still lets me carry Charlie and Jane around without the bulk. (Thrift Shop = $20)

Total Cost = $305 for all of our strollers

So you see, I have a great use for each one, but sadly I will probably need to size down my fleet so I don't get the crazy stares when I tell people the number of strollers that we own for our 2 children.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

24 Aug -- The Indoor Pool

Today we went to the indoor pool on base. At first, Charlie was less than thrilled and sat in the stroller watching skeptically as we tried to make the baby pool look like the best place on earth (besides Dunkin Donuts).
Charlie playing with the cast of "Cars."

Charlie showing off his chopstick skills.

Jane kickin' back in the leather chair.

Do you notice anything missing from Charlie's room?

His crib! Charlie looks so small in his big boy bed.

Charlie was unsure of the baby pool--he prefers the lap pool.

Jane's hair matches Anna's suit.

As you can see, it was a crowded day at the pool.

Charlie is standing on his tip-toes.

Smooches for Jane.
Charlie suckin in his stomach for the ladies.

Jane is not sucking in for the ladies.

Charlie mocks Jane for her lack of teeth.

Friday, 22 August 2008

23 Aug -- Boots and Rain

We are in the middle of the monsoon season and loving it!

"Can you wear boots as long as your arm? I didn't think so."
Charlie helped manage the placement of rocks outside the apartment.

"Hello big brother."
"Has anybody seen my body?"
Happy as can be...

Sunday, 17 August 2008

17 Aug -- Downtown Update

Not much to add from Korea. We are enjoying the Olympics a lot since China is a 1 hour time difference and there isn't a lot of other stuff on TV. Go Phelps go!
Jane loving her bumbo.
Jane has her dukes up, ready to defend us if the North roles south.
Ahhh yeah.
Has anyone seen my hat? Or a Cabbage Patch kid that looks like me?

Charlie is training for the little known sport of "running circles around sippy cups," and as you can see, it can be very dangerous.

Jane almost roles over as Charlie cheers her on.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

13 Aug -- Cloth Diapers and Jane

For those of you who don't know, Anna's been cloth diapering the kids (with a pampers thrown in from time to time). There's been a big trend towards cloth diapering over here and they've been having Cloth Diaper Parties (just a good excuse to get together and eat yummy food!) She's also recently become a bit obsessed with Babylegs (leg warmers for the trendy baby). I think she's dropped the temperature in the house just to have the excuse to put them on the kids whenever she gets the chance.

We celebrated Dan's 31st birthday this week with the traditional Edgar Ice Cream Cake (Thanks, Kathi!) and some so-so mahi-mahi. Anna's attempting to branch out with her fish cooking skills and there've been some real hits (tilapia) and some sorta misses (mahi-mahi)

We're starting to plan our trip to Hawaii in September and we're getting excited now that the hotels are booked and the plane tickets are purchased. Now if we could only get to paradise without having to spend 8 hours in a plane with two children, which is definitely not paradise!

Just have to show off my newly dyed cloth diapers

Makes me not mind the two in diapers quite so much when I have such happy colors to look at ;P

I actually folded and pinned this prefold/burp cloth just to see if I could...I quickly went back to my fabulous snaps!

Jane has really embraced the Korean fashion with her no-fear multi-pattern outfits

Jane loves her gym-time


Jane's Photo Shoot...and Charlie's head

Like I said, she's not afraid of color

Mama, I'm over this...

For those who said they never get to see Jane's whole body!

The "baby leg warmers" in the video were made of out Anna's old socks and should not be judged due to inexperience and laziness on the seamstresses part