Wednesday, 25 November 2015

25 Nov -- Rasin' Cane x 2, Flat Daddy goes to the games, a Thanksgiving play and the Jacksonville Zoo

Love me some Raisin' Cane!  I loved it so much I chaperoned all 3 field trips there.  Good times were had by all.  

 You're saying bacon comes from where?!

 The duck races

 Charlie loves a good selfie

 Off through the mini maze

Flat Daddy made an appearance at the kids games.  Not sure if people were amused or disturbed, but it made the kids smile.

 Don't taunt Flat Daddy

 Flat Daddy even got in some goalie time

 Charlie's post season party was so much fun.  We played a parents vs. kids game.  Pretty sure the parents quickly realized how tiring it is to book it up and down that field.

 The team was super happy that Coach Elliott was able to make it back for the party.

 This is Henry's guarding position during a throw in.  Constantly looking back at "his man"

 Hay Ride #3

 The mini maze was getting a little sparse this time of year.

 Jane's class performed a Thanksgiving play.  We even got to break out our teepee for the occasion!

 End of soccer season party #2 

 Coach Brandi and Allen were amazing with our kids this year!

The kids have the whole week off for Thanksgiving so we headed to the Jacksonville Zoo yesterday.  I love going to a zoo! 

 Jane requested this particular picture be taken.

 Alligators are some sneaky creatures.

 Accidental "art setting" on my camera.

Be the lion, Jane!