Wednesday, 25 February 2009

26 Feb -- My "Guam" Post (AKA Japan)

So many of you have probably heard part of my story, but our trip to Guam never quite worked out. We made it as far as Okinawa, Japan and then it just seemed that it was not our fate to get to our little tropical paradise. We got onto a C-17 cargo plane and arrived late Sunday night and slept in a one bedroom hotel room (18 people, counting kids) Needless to say that was a sleepless night. The next day we tried for Guam again and spent about 7 hours in the terminal trying to catch one of the two flights to Guam. Neither plane ended up taking passengers so we got new rooms at another base nearby and stayed there for the next two nights. It was very nice to relax and enjoy Japan on Tuesday. We played at the park near the hotel and went to the beach and ate at the Macaroni Grill next door. My 28th birthday was one I will never forget and honestly with all the craziness that occured on the trip, I'm glad that I went. Three of the six Moms made it back to Osan on Wednesday in a KC-135 refueler. I can't wait to hear the other girls stories from the rest of their adventure. Japan was cool to see and I would even try another hop to Guam in the future (direct flights only, please!) Here are some great photos to document the adventure!

Waiting in the Osan terminal to board the C-17

Charlie, Parker and Trevor can't wait for the plane to take off

We're ready to roll!

Picking up our luggage and trying to figure out the plan

Welcome to Okinawa

The morning after the rough night in the one bedroom hotel (6 moms, 12 kids under the age of 3)

Our first attempt to get back to Korea...which got canceled

Jane plays with Gretchen and Ava at the PAX terminal waiting for the possible flights to Guam

The play area in the PAX terminal, what a lifesaver!

Outside our hotel there was a cute little courtyard that Charlie liked running around

Jane didn't like the grass on her legs, she kept lifting her left leg and whining

What a fabulous place to be for your birthday!

Charlie and his buddies, Chase, Trevor and Ava help build a fort

Jane started out eating crackers but somehow ended up with a mouthful of sand...she didn't mind

Our flight home on the KC-135, Charlie and Jane both slept most of the way

Thursday, 19 February 2009

19 Feb -- Hiding in Cabinets and Heading to Guam (hopefully!)

I'm really liking that Charlie plays with Jane nowadays. Sure he rips toys out of her hand and throws soccer balls at her head, but he makes her laugh and that is priceless!
I think the kids and Anna (that'd be me :)) are going to try to hop to Guam this Sunday. I'm not a fan of flying (go figure) and even less so with children, but the appeal of nice, sunny Guam currently is outweighing any potential downsides. Wish us luck!
Hmmm, a perfect hide and go seek spot

See Jane, we both can fit in here!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

15 Feb -- Nothing New

Not much new from Korea. It was really cold today and the wind was howling! Brr...

Jane's favorite color is white.

Charlie misses Abby.

Jane is already hooked on home made pizza.

Good form.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

8 Feb -- Insomnia Posting

So what else would one do at 4 AM when they can't sleep? Post a blog!
We're having a nice weekend so far. Jane has begun to pull herself up to a standing position. I was super glad I remembered to raise her sidebar on her crib before nap on Thursday because when I walked into her room afterwards I was shocked to see her proudly clinging to the top bar (pics to come!) She's also started waving, which I find to be the cutest thing ever (video to come!)

Charlie loves that the playground behind our apartments has finally opened back up and is now new and improved with more slides and swings. None of the kids seem to realize that it is still ridiculously cold outside as they run around like maniacs. It's nice to get outside even if only for a few minutes a day and it's even nicer that it's right outside our apartments so no driving or long walks are involved.

I got my new baby carrier in the mail yesterday and I'm definitely in love. I can carry Jane or Charlie in front or on my back in this soft carrier and it's super comfortable. So hopefully no more "numb arms" like my old carrier gave me :)

Working his way to to top
This slide is super fast for the little kiddos,

Ready, Steady, Go!

The Moms gather at the bottom

Holy Moly, this thing is steep!

Our lovely model, Jane, shows off her newest ride

I love the back carry

And just in case she falls asleep or it's super sunny, we have this hood (gotta protect my redhead!)