Friday, 29 December 2017

29 Dec -- Bon Voyage!

Our visit with Luke in Chris has sadly come to an end...

 We were so lucky to share Christmas together!

28 Dec -- Piñata!

Another beautiful day.

 Luke helped Dan pressure wash the patio.

 Pinatas are the best!

28 Dec -- Common Ground Inclusive Playground, Lakeland, Florida

Common Ground Inclusive Playground in Lakeland is awesome!

27 Dec -- Pool Time

Jane tapped into her Edgar roots and swam in the pool.

 She eventually got a bit cold.

 No comment.

27 Dec -- Circle B Bar Reserve

We took Luke and Chris to Circle B Bar Reserve to look for gators!

 A cute little baby gator.

26 Dec -- More Bok Tower

Another trip to Bok Tower!