Sunday, 20 April 2014

20 Apr -- Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

 Charlie shows off his ribs so he can eat more chocolate.


 Let's get some eggs!

 Be careful!

19 Apr -- Almost Hiking...Couch Stuffing...Green Machine

After living in Tucson for almost 2 years, you don't always check the weather before you leave the house.  Well, we should have on Saturday.

We went to go for a hike on Mt Lemmon when we saw lightning...

...and heard some serious thunder.

Jane was sad we had to turn around.

But she quickly got over it.

So we drove to Michaels to buy stuffing to fix up our couches.  Here is the before...

...and here is the after.  Looks like we won't be getting new couches anytime soon!

George loves cars.

And George loves his mommy!

Green Machine fun.


18 Apr -- Sonoran Desert Museum

The kids had school off on Friday so she too them to the Desert Museum.

 Henry taunts.

Oh George...

17 Apr -- Jane's 6th Birthday!

Jane turned 6!

 We found George reading in his bed.

 Jane found this doll by her bed when she woke up.

 Let the Green Machine lose!

 Jane wanted to decorate her own cake this year.

 A music box.

 Jane got a necklace of a heart that fits inside of Anna's.